I’M COMING BACK! 40 Torp Kitakami in World of Warships 0.9.7 ST

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  1. Re-Class Battleship

    We shall wait warmly for Hyper-KTKM-sama to grace us with her presence once more!

  2. Gosh, I remember when this was a hell spawn

  3. 15km rangeg, 57kt torp speed, torp detection range 1.9km isn’t going to cut it …
    T8 already bad enough for this ship rofl
    Anyway , since WeeGee is bringing back Hyper Kitakami Sama back
    Why not bring back Tone as well ?
    P.S. : Some may suggest a IJN light cruiser line split but probably won’t work out well


    when this ship appears on game. many people will spamming to cv to hunt him rather hunt DD lol

  5. XD I had the Kitakami during closed beta… I miss that ship even though it was so bad. 10k detect and torp range in a Kuma hull in a tier 8 game was just masochistic, they should have issued a captain wearing a gimp mask and bondage gear with that ship. This tier X version seems way more survivable lol.

  6. Can’t wait for Yuro’s vid on “How To Self Immolate Your Own Team”

  7. I would like to see in training room, 12 v12 kitakami or a torpedo beat mode featuring kitakami. I remember how it was back in the day indeed.

  8. Tier 10 DDs, “no radar cruiser, ill just smoke up in cap”. Kitakami: my torpedoes will block out the sun

  9. Hans the Frisian

    Due to Covid Lockdown the Dolphins are returning to Venezia.
    Meanwhile in World of Warships:

    On a different note, maybe they`ll bring back the Old Carrier System and try the rework again.

    • TheAmazingCowpig

      god I would go back to playing WoWs religiously if they brought back RTS CVs (not because I was a CV main, although I did play them, but just because CV rework itself is trash)… but I don’t think they ever will

    • @TheAmazingCowpig you speak with the truth my fellow captain. RTS CV gameplay was the best

    • Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı

      In old system Carriers like Eagles when they attacked they were split the ship into the Atoms but now they just like mosquitos they just testing someones Patient.

  10. Chelovechecheg -_-

    Kitakami looks like a torpedo Smolensk, i mean Smolensk is “squishy” cruiser with shit ton of guns, and Kitakami is same but with shit ton of torps isntead.

    • exept that a kuma hull gets citadelled by any bb he at t10 and by tiny tims and smolensk does not so she is alot more squishy than smolensk

  11. I’m so hyped at the moment; got to play the ship back in the closed beta and was sad they took it away.

  12. sempermilites87

    Tier 10 player base: “GOD I hate CV’s! They need to be completely taken out of the game!”
    Tier 10 player base AFTER Kitakami is put in: “Oh GOD CV’s! Where are you!? We need you to spot this torpedo flingin’ demon!!”

    In all seriousness though, it looks like they did their best for her to survive at tier 10, but I have HUGE DOUBTS if this will help and if she’ll be good for the game. Maybe this is WG’s way of trying to make people like CV’s again…….PFFFFFFTTT HAHAHAHA! Ah man I couldn’t keep a straight face on that one.

  13. Gareth Fairclough

    Christ, can you imagine a 3 ship division of these?
    Now imagine a match with two such divisions, one on a side.

  14. This ship definitely needs torp reload booster too…

  15. I can already hear the Screech of outrage from Battleship players who haven’t figured out what wasd does. Seriously though this ship might actually get me to come back to World of Warships because I particularly enjoyed playing torpedo boats.

  16. david and martine albon

    Kitakami be like: I’m back bitc**s!!!

    On a side note, anyone else think Kitakami would be better with a torpedo reload booster?

  17. The main reason she will be tier X is so WG can REALLY milk the pricing and charge massive prices for cash & / or doubloons in the Premium store . . . I am tempted already though!

    • Don’t be, this thing will get citadeled by midway rockets or HE bombs. That means planes can fly in and one shot you from full hp, and any competent midway captain will hunt you down and kill you right at the start especially since it has next to no AA.

    • lord Redlead 23

      @elmateo77 that’s not the biggest threat tho BB will one tap this thing lmao

    • elmateo77 The ship were narrowed enough that it might cause an Overpen if she show a perfect broadside. Simialr to Smolensk. I have to test that first, Kuma will be my Target practice brought her to training room and test her out

  18. Finally the lesbian ship come into World of Warships

    When I’m with Ooi-chi, I’m Super Kitakami-sama!
    Together we have fourty (lesbian) torpedo tubes per side. Our eighty torpedo tubes aren’t just for show!
    Sink to the bottom of the sea!

    Ooi-chi… It’s getting bright. Now I can see clearly. Let’s go!
    (Then, Ooi-chi shoots 40 lesbian torps to the moon)

  19. can’t wait to dodge 40 torps… from a friendly kitakami

  20. Yes…I know >< super narrow is the Pan-EU DDs spread. Brain just went into DERP mode when I was making the video >_<

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