Im Stuck on You! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. You’ve been liking the Germans recently huh spartan?

  2. Great video ass always 😊

  3. 2:10 I was half expecting you to get citadeled there.

  4. Sorry Spartan I read this as I’m stuck IN you 😅😂

  5. Just wanted to say thank you to who ever paid for some extra memberships. I ended up winning one the other day. Thank you so much

  6. Great game it’s cool seeing how you use different ships

  7. Keep your eyes on the shlifden😂😂😂 love u spartan

  8. was crazy I didn’t even realize that I was playing with you spartan I’m snake eyes lol wooowwww😂 I’m on YouTube 😅😂

  9. Everyone should know the rules of the waves always yield to the bigger ship😂

  10. I was playing my Iowa yesterday and I citadeled a slightly angled Bismark at 9 kilometers, 😂 any idea how? Is it that weird thing with the GK where u go through turrents or whatever

    • BaguetteManufacturer

      Kinda of yeah. It’s a weird citadel bug that I’ve noticed occurs on Montana as well. I once citadelled a Monty that was fully angled to me

    • If you penned through the bow side plating you can citadel around the tyrtleback armor

  11. Fun game to watch spartan. Good to see you having fun in that bote. Im completely occupied with my atlantico build right meeow. So awesome. Happy sailing.

  12. Definitely your fault in beginning 😂

  13. 4.6k until we get you to 50k let’s go! Great game you know it happens when you get locked up. If I was CL I would have hit reverse, since the BB is a bigger target and one where most will go for it.

  14. First match today had 5 Shimikaze vs 5 Shimikaze.

    It was not a fun match

  15. Rene The Cordial One

    If even a quarter of the people that play actually just used their brain like you the game experience would be 1k times better lol

  16. Nice vid spartan. Got my first ever kraken today in the nelson

  17. Hey spart,

    You didn’t wish the enemy shima GG.

  18. ooof i remember this happening to me, some sailor on one of my ships had to have put gorilla glue between me and another ships because we would not separate 😂

  19. I have a question
    Q.if your a marvel fan what characters would you have as commanders and why.?

  20. I wouldn’t say going left was controversial. It absolutely was the right choice. Well played

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