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  1. Gotta get the whole crew for this ohm! ??

  2. Heck. I was 1 and I say heck so I cool. ?

  3. Love your videos ohm hero up the hard work

  4. Hop aboard the bunny cruise! Another excellent video Ohm!

  5. Keep up the good work ohm lovin the vids ??

  6. Best YouTuber? 100%

  7. Me: *Flanking around the side
    Random torpedoes from God-knows where: *OMAE WA MU SHINDEIRU*

  8. This is the earliest i been to click on ohms vid

  9. Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer

    Hey guys, luckily I was able to get a video up for you today, and seriously I had a lot of fun with this one. I’ve always enjoyed playing games like this when I can get time, and Legends feels faster paced to me which I like a lot. More awesome stuff coming in the next few days, and I may even have a new MC video for you in the morning – stay tuned! 🙂

  10. Ohm starting right off with a meme “bye, have a good time”… haha! I enjoyed watching this last night in the stream. Many great moments… 😀

  11. Flamboyant Noodle

    Everything Ohm does just reminds me that he deserves all the love his fans could give him. Fucking love your videos Ohm and the joy they bring millions of fans

  12. this would make a great multiplayer session

    would love to see get in with some friends

  13. Ohm never stop posting ur content is so good

  14. Ohm: We’re taking out the kamikaze!
    Me: Oh no…

  15. “They don’t call me Kamikaze Ohmie for nothing!” XD
    I really enjoyed watching you play this! Love the action and battles.

  16. Thx Ohm! I love watching your videos because it makes it sooo much easier to fall asleep, and they’re always at the right time!

    (Yes that’s me subtly saying that your vids put me to sleep)

  17. The grey line is where you are supposed to launch your metal death fish. Never aim directly at a target – you did fine with the guns but your torp game needs some work Ohm..lots of work. Close quarters/knife fights with DDs use your wide spread – it fans out enough to ensure at least 1 torpedo hits. Torpedo smoke screens as well;especially the angry enemy ones – chances are good a broadside DD will be in there and he won’t be able to react fast enough to dodge em. IJN DDs are the best torpedo boats – stealthy,fast and very hard hitting torps. IJN launchers are slow to load. KM has the fastest loading torps with alright speed and range light on damage. UK/USN torps are about a the best balance of speed,damage and reload. UK torps can be single fired..good for giving a BB just enough to finish him without wasting fish.

  18. Dang u could have been a ships capt u sunk there battle ship ????????

    • Ohm Thank you for liking my comment i will never forget this u made my day. U bring great vid content every time keep up?. I like as well your friends Delirious toonz squirrel bigjiggly momo i hope u dont mind .once again thank you ohm. Am 47 from Sacramento California am babbling have a great day ohm

  19. Ohm- “I’m gonna do evasive wiggles.” Prolly the most adorable thing said EVER in a time of war.??? nicely done on the first place mvp status ohm, GG!!???

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