I’m very happy with my NEW German Ship – World of Warships

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Mecklenburg is truly a german black sheep. It has a lot of guns, they are relatively accurate and consistent, they reload really fast, the ship itself is fast and manuverable, can use both shell types, has good range….it is just pure joy to play.

This is just one of many MANY games I played in it and I’m seriously having a lot of fun with it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I reuploaded the video to see if this will get HD version because apparently previous video didn’t
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    • Umberto Belladelli

      just watched the 720 version, lol

    • I could only get 720 on last vid but 1080 on this on phone so never see HD lol..

    • The Prince Of All Saiyans

      Well if its that good then many players will buy it, after which WG will undoubtedly nerf it. Just like they do to every other ship that sells well because of its enhanced performance.

    • The Prince Of All Saiyans

      If WG sold cars they would sell you an Austin Marten Vantage but bring around a Saab Diesel and hand you the keys with a big smile.

  2. Don’t worry guys, youtube is “Preparing HD version” AGAIN, just like on previous video
    Maybe it will have it ready in this lifetime…

    • reupload with different title after saying “there will be a lot of Mecklenburg” videos is mean xD, I fell for the bait 😮

  3. Become A Freediver

    Great content man keep it up!

  4. 5:32 when you’re so implicated in the game that you actually try to look above the island with by raising your head lmao

  5. remember if a Germany BB is fun it’s OP in wigee eyes

    • Schlieffen is actually overpowered to be fair. But rather than nerfing its concealment, they nerfed its hydro for no apparent reason.

  6. I think the reason why Mecklenburg does so good at t10 despite having tiny guns and trash gun angles is exactly because BB players that are used to German ships are already used to having these drawbacks to all the other nations. Also, I think that German BB mains always had to aim much more precise to do any damage at all with all these battleship-sized shotguns, which then with the 2.05 Sigma of Mecklenburg results in a fairly good overall accuracy (Dispersion is still kinda meh but fine for 4 turrets on a ship).

  7. It’s crazy how the best TX German battleship is a battle cruiser

  8. Just picked her up, happy with her too, consistency feels nice, and it is a good change up from other BBs I play.

  9. No sorry Flambass, the Black Sheep in the German Line is definitely the Elbing, wich has the most accurate Guns in the entire German Line.

  10. It is fun since you know your shell will land to where it supposed to go.

  11. Warships_potatoe

    it is normal to get citadel on GK from the 16+ range, I have even done it with Nevsky and a Zao.
    btw that was a pitadel.

  12. Of course you happy because you’re so lucky you know

  13. The Missouri knew he was bad – he even drove himself into the Naughty Corner.

  14. Bro… you know WG is going to have to nerf it to death with all that praise you’re giving it.

  15. The ship is just too good nerf incoming for certain because WG.

  16. The look on your face when you cit’d the GK! lol

  17. Have it since yesterday. Noticed the first two games it is way less tanky than the other German BB’s and I was taking lots of damage. 3rd game I played more from the back, utilizing the DPM of the ship and did 182k

  18. top of both teams, probly gets a nerf

  19. ParanoiderNutzer

    Flambass: “I’m very happy with my NEW German Ship”
    WeeGee: “We can fix that…”
    Nerf incoming in 3…2…1…

  20. What? a German ship with a modicum of accuracy? Can’t be. That’s blasphemy. Everyone knows Germans can’t hit the side of a barn while inside the barn.

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