Imperator Furiosa! NEW Russian Battleship – World of Warships

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  1. imperator means emperor

  2. Άκης Γκεμίσης

    +BaronVonGamez when u look around u should fix your armament at fix
    position to save rotation time, just say’n m8

  3. that is a badass ship baron

  4. imperator mean emperor in russian and bulgarian comrade

  5. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    The myogi is not a brawler..its not even a battleship. Her 8 inch belt is
    barely enough against heavy cruiser guns. Myogi stay in the back of the
    line you fragile POC.

  6. Only if Baron knew that you have to lead when ramming

    ….. :(

  8. Imperator Nikolai I (Russian: Император Николай I or Emperor Nikolai I).
    It’s the last of four ships classified as “dreadnought – ship of the line”,
    or in modern terms it would be “ironclad battleship”. Sadly, it was never
    completed. It was about 75% ready, sitting in docks of Nikolaev when shit
    hit the fan. After the revolution of 1917 it got renamed into “Democracy”,
    then Nikolaev was captured by germans, then by french and then by
    bolsheviks, and none of them cared enough to finish it. It was dragged to
    Sevastopol and scrapped in 1927.

  9. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Imperator is Latin for “excellent general” during the pre-imperial times
    (before and during Octavius Caesar). The word likely means someone (-tor)
    who holds state-sanctioned authority (imperium). Only generals who have
    been victorious in major conflicts or wars were given the distinction of
    imperator by the senate. However, after Octavius Caesar, all Roman rulers
    were assigned this distinction automatically along with a host of other
    titles, and the word gradually evolved into what we know today, which is
    emperor or a ruler of a large domain. The woman’s equivalent of an emperor
    in Latin is imperatrix or empress.

  10. @3:37 – You don’t like tits? Poor you.

  11. Go for the epic rammmmmmm……and fail.
    not even surprised anymore

  12. So the 3rd of 4 class’s of Russian BB’s is a tier 4 I wonder what the tier
    5-9 and 10 will be.

  13. До свидания Comrade! Greetings from Russia Baron!)

  14. ITS TIME TO PLAY AMAGI NOW!! Please baron :(

  15. Сергей Васильев


  16. Роман Никулин

    Скажу не до свидания а здравствуйте товарищ. Из России огромный привет!

  17. Why is the first Russian BS a Japanese BS?

  18. Those cannons in the Imperator. Please, somebody put that on a t-34, xD.

  19. this ship isnt overpowered? 12 305mm guns on a tier IV?

  20. it means emperor

  21. I can´t wait for the Советский-Союз-class (Sovetsky Soyuz). It´s probably
    gonna be a premium but nontheless IT´S FUCKING AWESOME!!


  22. David “madindie” Dew

    Great upload mate, piss funny with good info always worth hearing you talk
    trash titty talk

  23. Imperator means Emperor

  24. Imperator was succesfull general in time of Roman republic, but it is close
    to emperor… I did history exam out of that yesterday actually:P

  25. BaronVonGamez, you might be interested in a game called War of Rights, its
    an American Civil War FPS and its currently on kickstarter and if you gave
    it some support that would be awesome 😀

  26. I thought AA was usn bbs strong suite it seems that Japan still has better
    aa too

  27. Made from stalinium?

  28. Baron clean yo room 

  29. Imperator means ‘victorious general’ in latin and is the origin of the word
    emperor in English. Normally is was only done at the end of a campaign. To
    be hailed imperator by the army was a big thing, and the Emperors listed
    the number of times they were hailed in the list of their titles and

  30. MrJohnycomelately21

    All of your Citadel are belong to us

  31. guys do you know why I can’t select planes/ships by pressing CTRL and
    clicking cursor on them ? when I press CTRL nothing happens …

  32. Carl!!

  33. До свидания, комрад, до свидания)

  34. Is it me or are these the most accurate BB guns in the game…? xD

  35. “bless us in jesus” lol like gods actually real.

  36. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    u re cheater Baron

  37. I love the new channel banner!!

  38. tank of a warship lol

  39. David Janukovich’s Jashchik

  40. It comes out loud, with a one shot Clita’del

  41. Computer problems,,, stay off the porn sites

  42. You don’t shoot potato’s, you make vodka from them. Its probably against
    Russian law, to shoot a potato.

  43. myogi is a sniper dude you install the gun fire control and it can reach
    out to like 19kms

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  45. I want to play this now for this ship

  46. i have played with this ship in 2 battles and it said they where premium i
    played with a total of 8 of those ships

  47. I like how in the module view(or whatever it’s called) the 4th turret it
    just hanging off the stern of the ship. Superior Stalin engineering, allows
    for more degrees of boom.

  48. Imperator means Emperor
    So the name is emperor Nikolas the 1st.
    Or Imperator Nikolai Odyen

  49. emperor

  50. Imperator (Император) is Emperor in Russian

  51. I got world of warships yesterday…. don’t know why I didn’t get it ealier

  52. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    Russian doesn’t have a “J” they usually replace it with the letter И which
    makes a sound like the “ee” part of “need”. If you’re looking for an
    approximation to the English name Davy Jones try Dima Josevich. Dima is
    short for Dimitri and Josevich a Russian patronymic name. The cyrillic
    spelling would be “Дима Иосифович”.

  53. F’n Karl :)

  54. F’n Karl :)

  55. Comrade Barron could you move your in screen camera shot to top left so we
    can see you aiming better.
    Cheers Dazza from Australia

  56. At least you didn’t butcher the name like phly did

  57. Too bad crew quality is not a part of the game. Russian Navy still can’t do
    much except paint rotting hulks sitting idle in port. Russian stuff in game
    way OP and nowhere near historical. If you gotta do that much for play
    balance sake why release crap navy with crap record before Britain?

  58. when are we getting the Bismarck?

  59. The Latin word imperator was originally a title roughly equivalent to
    commander under the Roman Republic. Later it became a part of the
    titulature of the Roman Emperors as part of their cognomen. The English
    word emperor derives from imperator via Old French Empereür.

  60. Imperator means emperor in Russian. And btw your pronunciation of “do
    svidaniya” is perfect! I know all this because I’m Russian :)

  61. Baron what do you use to record?

  62. I want this ship so fuckin’ hard…

  63. Just F.Y.I.:

    It’s *do-svi-dan’ya* ;)

  64. “Mother truckin’ Carl ruining my party”

    CAAAAARRRRRRRLLLLLLLLL Why did you fire torps on baron?

  65. hahaha baron was definitely drunk at the beginning.

  66. Hey Baron, Check out this game called War of Rights it’s on kickstarter and
    we need a big youtuber to help us out so that it can be released. I think
    you would like this game, it’s an American Civil War FPS with a chain of
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  67. it seems like you guys like every ship in the game!! never really seem to
    pick any thing apart in this game??? Strange?

  68. please bring back mount and blade that game is what brought me to your

  69. Кирилл Федоров

    Hmm… Why this USSR ship calls emperor Nikolai? I think it was renamed/

  70. It’s just not the same if there’s not a crazy guy with a double guitar on
    the front of the ship going nuts with the beat of guns.

  71. Damn that ship is ugly.

  72. More! I love this ship

  73. Baron…… Joseph starts with J. As in Joseph Stalin.

  74. the fuso

  75. are you an ass or boobs guy baron

  76. solomon islands. gawd. i’m in a nagato and they put me in here
    occasionally. it’s terrible. i can shoot across the entire map and they put
    noobs in there with me. it’s a bloodbath. but it costs me 80k every time i
    die, so i’m afraid it will continue to be a bloodbath. second map, new dawn
    is amazing

  77. Baron, Russia is communist. Stalin owns everything, they go to Stalin’s

  78. Polish DD ” ORP Błyskawica “

  79. your russian accent is really irritating

  80. Say, could you do a playthrough with Pensacola? Your videos are malls and
    Mika logs to figure out how to play several ships. Unfortunately Pensacola
    seems to be the worst ship in the game to me. Feals like a floating

  81. Say, could you do a playthrough with Pensacola? Your videos are malls and
    Mika logs to figure out how to play several ships. Unfortunately Pensacola
    seems to be the worst ship in the game to me. Feals like a floating

  82. no skill at all, dislike

  83. Логово Стратега


  84. Its Imperator Nikolai, because its named after Russian Emperor Nikolai I..
    And because of that it means its not a soviet ship, its from Russian
    Imperial Navy time in the late 19 century,so stop with those Soviet anti –
    Capitalism statements Baron ;P

  85. And jokes about commrad and ussr , this ship of Russian Empire… not
    Soviet Union

  86. lol was he talking about the misterious “G” spot?

  87. Baron the belt armor is 10.6 inches.

  88. Lets get some Japanese DD Action…Need our Torpedous Fix!

  89. Pretty nice. Will it be coming to NA? I don’t like to spend to much on my
    EU account…

  90. “I don’t know what Imperator meens” U kidding me right??? ITS …….
    FUCKING …… OBVIOUS. E M P E R O R…… welcome

  91. More and more imaginary russian ship and dont say Oh! This ship existed….
    Go check it out its really not the same ship.

  92. Imperator means emperor, even in English. I guess that’s in British English
    then. Latin word origin. Strange they don’t use “Tzar”.

  93. North Carolina class bb please
    Haven’t seen you play it yet

  94. Davy Jones Locker = Devi Dzhons Jaštšik. Not sure if right but it has a
    nice ring to it.

  95. keep up the good video baron!
    i hope you get your pc problem fixed soon :)

  96. I believe imperator means emperor.

  97. Imperator, is roman. And roughly translates as Commandant or Commander. :>

  98. Is the US server ever getting this beast or is it another bs only EU deal?

  99. It seems like you know quite a bit about the Russian language, do you
    happen to speak it out at the least understand it?

  100. Pretty dang epic, does range okay too, Uncie Baron you mentioned if you can
    up your admiral skills for the secondaries, I believe the T4 Adv Firing
    Training affects secondaries :3 20% range increase I noticed its really an
    epic skill to have for CL and BBs once you get 11 point accrued.

  101. Can you please move your video log higher. I want to see the chat box

  102. Dude…I’ve been so addicted to your vids. Was gone on vacation halloween
    weekend and your WoWS vids kept me entertained whilst my wife and kid hung
    out in the hotel. Loved catching up to the last couple of vids enjoying my
    cigar and a beer (or three) last weekend. Thanks man.

  103. Can you please move your video log higher. I want to see the chat box

  104. Since I spend all day in PC forums like linustech tips might as well help
    with your PC issues. What is your full PC specs including power supply.

  105. hey baron Play aß a Custom battle bt7 vs planes

  106. play mikasa b von g

  107. davey jones

  108. +Baronvongamez Running the latest video drivers can cause as many issues as
    it solves.

  109. Witness me!
    What ship should I play next?

  110. B von GGGGGGGGG is highhhhhhh

  111. #barons new computer fund

  112. soooooooo is this another EU only ship?

  113. Chase Salas (Loyaldk)

    I’m a computer guy.

  114. Maybe u should get yourself an intro

  115. baron what graphics card co you have

  116. This is absolutely badass.

  117. Drinking game take a shot every time Baron says Tits!

  118. Check you graphics cards and CPU cooling systems for lint, dust, and any
    other debris. I have a cat and get cat fur in my system. Heat can cause


  120. I checked the Premium shop and it isn’t there. Do you know when it will be
    available to all?

  121. Rasputin’s Locker

  122. how did you get this ship??

  123. timo halofan (the main gamer)

    Hey under 200 views thats a first xD.

  124. Baron when is 1.53 coming out for WT

  125. baron ily <3

  126. Almost first

  127. Imperator is Emperor in Latin, the English name of the ship is emperor
    Nikolai the 1st :D

  128. EMPEROR it means Emperor

  129. First liker!!

  130. HI BARON

  131. WITNESS ME!!!!

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