Implacable By A Nose – World of Warships

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Crazy encounter on Loop where both sides drop crucial ships as the game comes down to the wire. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII British Carrier Implacable Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. cant watch his videos till the flickering is fixed 🙁

  2. you said you had the speed improvement or the captain?is it really worth it?2.5% o 130.. that doesnt sound like an awul lot are those 3knots speedboost worth the points?

  3. the flickering is killing me 🙁

  4. Fix that Flickering =/

  5. Finally figured this CV thing out had a 202k dmg game yesterday in the Ranger.

  6. You were too aggressive with the expending of your planes, a CV with full squadrons by the end of the match is doom for the enemy team

  7. Hi Notser, I think close games are the best

  8. Fix the flickering please

  9. Can you fix your videos please. So hard to watch with this flickering

  10. That last moment he said “Are you kidding me…” so calmly. Man I would take a really deep deep deep breath before screaming that out and he just shrugged and are you kidding me…

  11. u failed to use your fighters…even when 2 CVs were attacking u…

  12. We want shokaku

    At least I

  13. Going to avoid Notser’s videos for a while till he fixes that flickering. Way too distracting.

  14. You could have dropped fighter consumables on your CV when yours was on cool down to defend your ship.

  15. It’s ImPLACable, ***NOT*** ImPLECable.

  16. Carsten Rasmussen

    Flickering is not preventing me from watching.

  17. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    You keep on trying to attack when your squadron is damaged and only get your planes shot down, again and again.

    You should give up the second attack run and, instead, go back to CV to repair your planes.

  18. A tip for traveling your squads quickly when flying DB or TB: pulse your throttle… you sacrifice about 5kts, but it roughly quadruples your boost endurance.

  19. Your team failed you…plain and simple

  20. Tony Weisenburger

    Just got my Implacable this morning. ran 1 match in it for a 138k stock loss (but it was fun!). Gonna implement that slight cross attack pattern for the dive bombers more. appreciate the help.

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