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Live Commentary of a Divisional game in the implacable as Bottom Tier. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

British Carrier Implacable Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. i need a build guide for this boat + captain skills , I like a load of others now have it and have no idea what im doing with it

  2. God your planes Feel Indestructable…

  3. Why do you need to cash in for this thing? I’m like 1100 Florins short on just the ingame container rewards and guess what, the most recent fly strike win doesn’t give any containers. And you remember, with the P.E. Friedrich and the Duke of Yak you could actually finish the missions if u got them early enough – but not with the Exeter. I mean with the previous one it was at least to a minimum up to luck but this time it’s just a blatant cash grab. Feels bad man

    • You can buy a day of premium for 300 florins. Just convert your crowns to florins and get your self some premium time if you dont have it. I got 6 days for free basically 🙂

    • +Ivan Buncic Brother, that’s great and all, but I have played this game for almost 3 years now. I have participated in clanwars, ranked, and so on. When I started playing, I bought half a year of Premium. As it stands after 3 years, and after participating in the last real christmas container spree (no, not last years one), I won’t have to buy Premium for another 372 days.

  4. cleveland spotter plane?!? whaaaaaat??!?!
    i didnt even know it has one trololol

    • I think it has always had it but its pretty useless since the plane no longer spots torps and you really can’t hit much at the extended range unless it isn’t moving.

  5. Armbine the great

    Anyone know good American carrier caption choices?

  6. she is utterly useless when uptiered… rather monsterous when downtiered… mediocre on her own tier… Lexington is still the best T8 CV

    • Greksouvlaki Gaming

      Lexington is love, Lexington is life

    • I agree, it needs some help. Planes utterly melt up-tiered and here I was thinking the strength of RN naval planes was they’re a bit tougher than their counterparts. I usually get between 35 and 45k dmg, seldom actually get kills, often bored for first chunk of game dodging their AA until team can take enough out to get in and deliver.

    • Kaga is the best T8 CV. But I agree Lexington is good.

    • Greksouvlaki Gaming

      +Kristoffer Lilja I haven’t played Kaga, but from my guess if you are bottom tier. your planes will die fast af. Lexington has better tougher and faster planes for higher tier gameplay. Although, I can realize Kaga will shine at top tier games. So I think Lexington is consistently better, but Kaga will outperform Lex in good MM conditions

    • +Greksouvlaki Gaming Thing with kaga is that she has twice the loudout of even T10 CVs. The planes arent weak enough to not get drops in.
      Problem with US CVs is that you rely on HE bombs which is completely RNG if they do damage or not.

  7. NOTSER and the Zao kill steal XD

  8. That was some nice carrier play Notser! Hate the damn things myself but that was still fun to watch!

  9. TBs are terrible against DDs because the historical crossdrop no longer exists

    why didn’t you just use rockets?

  10. Dat kill secure, LMAO!

  11. Love Snakebites man, at Dancing Dingo at Gothenburg you get half Foster beer and half Strongbow Cider, if you order a Diesel you get the same with some balckcurrant juice as well, those are Moster!!!

  12. any ships with gaudy paintwork should be easier to hit……………..period.

  13. I like the live commentary the best personally. Atleast if your just showing gameplay that is

  14. I miss the RTS CV game play were a lone CV could spot all DD’s at the same time and still carry out attacks across the map including deleting in 1 drop a AA built USN ship . Just kidding I don’t miss those days at all I just wish the alpha damage was higher versus having to religh on DOT

  15. The division streaming and videos with your div talking are not what I’m looking for.

  16. guiness and cider a poor mans black velvet, cider and lager is a snakebite

  17. Ive had great success in my spotter aircraft cleve

  18. So I have the supermarine spitfire in wowp, and its classified as a fighter. Best fighter i have in the game thus far. That being said, its odd WG chose to make this a strike aircraft, because that was certainly never its purpose. Strike aircraft are slow, and quite heavily armoured, so again an odd choice, and not what the SMSF was used for.

  19. +Notser can you do a video for a CV player. One that helps us to see the changes they did before launch of the rework. You were saying and I believe they published that we would now be able to tell a ships sector additionally if DFAA has been engaged. I still just see just a wall of black clouds regardless of ships I engage. Thank you in advance for your help.

  20. Fun to hear Notser’s signature speech even if playing seriously ingame.

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