Implacable: Trash – World of Warships

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Unfortunately, thereR;s nothing good to say about Implacable.
rocket planes.


  1. First, btw do you know how to fix the issue of getting disconnected mid game? I keep getting disconnected midgame idk why it usually goes to -35ms before going back to login screen

  2. Hood is not trash, but Implacable does it.

  3. I like the thumbnail of this video.

    • Someone needs to get an epic match in Hood using AL Hood Captain and use that for the title card. Call it something like “When the gloves come off”

  4. Yep is weaker than Sho and Lex. But there is a hint about Impla is bomb make more dmg to DD than rocket if u drop carefully (slow drop so you need to aim a bit further more). In last drop you see, you nearly hit that DD

  5. More like trash team than trash CV, if they throw the game sure with other CV you probably won with ease, but you can’t fight your own team, great job

    • Well to be fair he had a chance to focus the DD that capped 2 points and won the game for the reds, but he chased the low health bb instead.

  6. I’m trying to grind to the last tier 10 CV, Audacious, but my god the grind through Implacable a pain. I can barely get to 100k per game with her. Hopefully Audacious feels better

  7. Assert your anime dominance in world of warships.

  8. LoW penetration dB is not a problem, but low fire rate and huge spread is a problem
    if it can easy get fire, than it is not a problem, but at least I have tried, 30bombhit 1fire…

  9. Implacable needs buffs but it’s not trash, one could say it’s some of the other CVs that are overtuned/too good. Also, this match was not the CV’s fault, team was incompetent and they got picked off like sheep, you guys had the advantage until you went for A cap and everyone died to a single Buffalo.

  10. Anime + wows + Uk

    You are use DRUGS?

  11. I was skeptical about it too, but the first time I took it under 0.8.7 this past weekend I did 133,000 dmg. *shrugs*

  12. Horizontal bombers, not dive, these planes DONT DIVE

  13. 17:00 me: Get that BB!!!

  14. Daisy é a melhor princesa

    I would say you did a excellent work with 100k+ damage. Player factor matters

  15. ayy WG add anime girls as captain and not nimitz or tovey ????

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