Important Conqueror Info

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6.10 is out in North America and will be in other regions soon, I make sure everyone knows the will be slightly different from the version you’ve seen prior to the release. Sigma is getting nerfed on 419 guns and AP normalization is also getting nerfed. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time.

Tier X Conqueror Replay


  1. Notser “GroSer Kurfurst is by far my best TX ship, I wreck in it!” Teach me senpai! I perform well in the Yamato and the Montana, but I cant seem to buy a fucking win with the GroSer Kurfurst. I find it difficult to play unlike the Bismarck. Any chance we can see some current-meta guides please mate? Thank you from Scotland 😉

  2. a total HE spamming battleship it is then, what else can WG do to screw this game up worse than this ?

  3. I’m really sad considering what that Tirpitz did. But really, what do you expect from a 44.73% player…

  4. Ban that tirpitz, what an asshole

  5. I don’t have above tier 8 lol………………..
    because high tier meta is so stupid

  6. why does some people compare conqueror to gk? she’s more like montana in a lot better

  7. 457s with IFHE would probably citadel those cruisers

  8. God dammit why does NA get the British battleships before the UK. Thanks wargaming.

  9. Looks like that Tirpitz guy was watching….300 views 1 thumbs down……Idiot.

  10. Notser I don’t want to seem rude dude but this 1.8 revaluation was already posted on the dev blog on their facebook over a week ago they changed it…

  11. So, no radar, no hydro, no spotter. Torpedo magnet. And learning nothing from recent events, change stats at the last minute. Its a mobile XP sink for the enemy team.

  12. Hagen Adolf Halwax

    HellO Notser im from Germany, and I dont underszand whats the Change now on the Conqueror?! After 2x Watching the Video,can you weite it here please ore someone else please?!

  13. Maybe if they made the 457mm be able to overmatch 32mm of armor like the Yamato, it would be relevant.

  14. Hey notser, great video as usual. I’m open to hear from all you other BB players who know what they’re talking about. I have the gk, and have a pretty respectable avg dmg of 110 k so I know how to play BBs. But I often get quite tilted by the bad dispersion on these guns. I’m seriously looking into grinding to get the Montana cos it just seems so fun. What are your guy’s opinions?

  15. What is sigma and where do I see that stat?

  16. well who need a radar in the conqueror , just no we dont need that what we need is accuracy~

  17. Had a person on my team in an akatsuki torp an allied NC and somehow sink himself yesterday

  18. My question is: you have five(5) kills why did you not get a kraken?

  19. op as hell…remove those 419 and the ship will perform as it should

  20. i wish they would do something about people hiding in smoke and spamming he, maybe have offensive and defensive consumables that can only be used in cerrtain circumstances, i dont know

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