Improving Drake, God help me – World of Warships

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After many many many battles in Drake…this ship is horrible…I finally get one where ship does what it was designed to do.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. WP RNG, WP.

  2. Imagine a div of 2 kunming and 1 YY. Both kunming are torp build and the yy is full gun/radar build. That’s endless smokes radar torps and dakka

  3. Wow that firechance was insane. Nice

  4. On a good day that’s the average fires from drake and goliath. But range mod is better on these ships and fire rotation is key to make these work.

  5. There are a lot of people changing sides at the start. No idea, why they think it’s a cruise simulator.

  6. aQuestionableQuestion

    I quite liked the drake when I grinding out towards the Goliath

  7. It was a nice game untill WG added subs.

  8. Drake is not bad, especially if you compare it to the garbage Albemarle.

  9. better survivability and long range performance compared to American CAs, but inferior in everything else

  10. djbjunior Barbosa

    Kitakami in today wows would be funny, if it gets spotted by a sub or CV kita would be just fucked

  11. the kitakami was toxic af in navyfield the testing for wows had 10 torps 15km but knowing WG they will supership it and make it OP

  12. *Flambass turns into Oland* “yOuRe So UsEfUl OlAnD”

  13. A fire drake from the north

  14. I once pretended I am afk part way through the game, Got enemy drake trying to shoot me and torp me but my secondary almost ate him. Then he realized I am not completely unaware of his existence.

  15. I did a lot better in Drake than I ever did in Goliath.

  16. If I pushed into a cap like that with the Drake, I’d be greeted by eight enemy warships. /sadface

  17. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Super ship Kitakami- picture it-
    nothing but torpedo gimmicks with actual Long Lance stats. 52 knots for 22yuropoor distance and lol damage {20 cancer stick spams per side at a time}, and the slow ones that go 40km get guidance, because what if lol. Don’t forget the two Akizuki turrets with 100 fire chance and vanilla Austin reload gimmick but faster if you spend bloons on the new gimmick Yi captain…
    -other- Positives:
    -Magic appearing floatplane squadron
    -67 anti-aircraft pellet guns plus 2 guys with Arisaka’s for a total of 69
    -Yamato search radar
    -10ooo years
    -Two turrets
    -Citadel replaced with submerged Taco Bell
    -Concealment from CV, LoL nah
    -36kts is slower than Soviet carrier planes
    60,000 Whale bux

    I will take my payment in uncut warp crystals.

  18. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Drake is great.

  19. Lucky fires, lucky kills, an afk Pommern, a semi afk carrier and a Room that should’ve killed you in 1 salvo, idk if this game counts

  20. First thoughts about the Chat Conversaion was, Imagine they bring Kitakami as the Super Ship for the IJN CL Line 😀

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