Improving Malta – World of Warships

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What makes Malta so powerful in my opinion, is just how easy it is to play. You have massive AoE damage with every strike and your squads are massive as well. You do have to be a bit careful about their HP but it doesn’t require much skill imo to do well in it, but it’s not a CV I like to play.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Chameleon Scheimong

    You are now official a CV main.

  2. Are all submarins so good that they are not in your worst list? Or you have jsut not played them at all, en masse.

  3. Flambee in CV oftenz much recently. PURGE THE HERETIC

  4. I like that Flambass didn’t go for clickbait name of the video, because IMPROVING MALTA is clickbate enough

  5. This is one of those CVs you spam rocket planes for fires and to destroy AA mounts because they regen sooo fast, 56 seconds. Then you send out AP bombers and pretty much ignore torpedos until your reserves are not full, and then they will be when you get back. It’s absolutly disgusting in a division with two Louisiana’s, constant barrage of 406 HE/AP, HE bombers, HE rockets, and AP bombers.

  6. Detonations should be removed or every one has the risk, none of this bs subs and cv immune to it.

  7. Improve fighters? lol How about make AA worth a shit again, then talk about improving fighters.

  8. When I saw the notification on my phone during a lecture I was like “What kind of political debate channel did I sub to to get this? *Improving* Malta?”
    only to realise it was not infact my home country Malta, but the CV xD

  9. Seeing you get three drops off on that GK with bombers while in his AA the whole time was so sad to watch.

  10. Ah, the Maltreater in action.

  11. Enjoying all the IMPROVE videos. Get to see ships we do not normally see. Thx.

  12. Want to se see Flammu play with Malta… While complainning all the time ..

  13. Lately is seems like i take less dmg if i broadside 3 enemies, rather then let a cv get a perfect drop on me.

  14. In addition to dropping fighters, I wish attack aircraft get a “strafe” mechanic to shoot down any planes in front of you in a cone – you meet an enemy squad, press a button and get 2 seconds of machine gun fire that does massive AA damage and reduced maneuvering before it goes on cool down for like a minute… Would make CV vs CV engagement so much more engaging!

  15. at @7:24 he comes across a marceau with more than 1/2 hp. flambass proceeds to get 10k damage on him with 3 consecutive strikes, AND keeps him spotted for *nearly a full minute* until 8:18 when his fighters disappear, enabling his team to get another 4k dam. then the marceau proceeds to get pinged and dies to a sub.

    how can anyone defend these classes. how can WG defend this gameplay.

  16. cv gameplay is dull

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