Improving Nakhimov – World of Warships

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Turns out Russian Navy CV Nakhimov was one of my worst performing ships and definitely worst CV at the time.

Wow, I wasn’t aware, let’s see what we can do about it eh.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Managed to catch this within 26 seconds, apparently. In any case, hope yer doing alright, still watch your content, I’m in a bit of a break from ships as I tend to rotate my games every so often.

    I’ll be el cringo and say “FiRsT”

  2. you should use rocket planes more often they are cracked

  3. No risk, high reward, I can completely understand that Nakhimov is boring AF.

  4. Ranjitha Ponnaiah

    Yeap , its real Flam and fellow captains , I now understand how broken the game has become . Not that I was oblivious to how WG started nailing their coffin nail after nail but today is when it got to me . I decided to play tier 8-9 ranked battles in my Soyuz and thought of having myself a nice ” Fun and engaging ” time as its tanky , can plough through flanks and obliterate the enemy when played right but every match I got into I was either getting set on fire by by Illinois’s , planes from hybrid ships or to top it all off CV’s . I could bear through 3 matches like so but lost my shit on the 4th match and decided to give full broadside to the enemy bbs to get it over with ( Our team was already dead by the time , just me and another Pommern alive ). Gah lee , skill has just become redundant in the game in the current meta that its in , hasn’t it ?

  5. Christopher Game Dev

    About chasing DDs – I’ve learned long ago that while it seems like a “focus on winning rather than farming” strategy, it’s exactly the opposite. If you break the back of enemy team by removing capital ships, enemy DDs will be without support in fights against your DDs, will have no one to spot for and as a result, they will be pushed back anyway. If player is any good at target selection and lines up his drops carefully, he would get 60-65% win rate with CV’s without a problem. And on top of that he gets nice damage stats. The only thing you do with enemy DDs is you keep an eye on their positioning so they don’t sneak up on you.

    • Except if you get not dented animals for DDs and BBs once you focus on DDs the other side inevitably loses. Especially if there is 2, max 3 DDs. Once you clear one side from enemy DDs , it will fold. All while you do your thing.
      But these days there is soo many sub-ape level “players” is in DDs and BBs… You spot radar cruiser just behind corner and half enemy team being able to shoot in the cap…and DD then YOLO in for no fk reason.

  6. CruisingForMermaids

    When OP Clown-class meets OP Nation.

  7. 19:09 The moment I thought “finally Nakhimov, after all these attacks in short distance and near the end of the match, ran out of planes” a complete squadron pops up …

  8. the first minute having Flambass being so sarcastic and owning someone in twitch chat, I have missed this, Keep it up Flambino, love it.

  9. Take the concealment module on naki and move around the map to increase its dpm.

  10. Flambass: 3k base exp
    random team mate sub: 200 base exp

  11. I agree flambass. I’ve wanted the old carriers to return for a long time.

  12. Man every time I open my history book I love to read about the Soviet (Russian) Navy in both World Wars, specially the performance of their mighty CV’s in the 2nd World War.

  13. The streamers I watch normally don’t play cv’s (flama, trenla, malta, pq), so they aren’t as proficient with cv’s as skilled cv mains. Many times, even if the streamer has a good game, it’s not completely game breaking. However, occasionally, I’ll watch a game of a cv main where the player is proficient with aiming and choosing which ships to attack. These types of matches are disgusting.
    Today Flamu posted a viewer replay from a skilled Nakimov player. He highlighted the point of the cv’s ability to contribute to indirect damage. He farmed 300k direct damage and also over 200k spotting damage. A team usually starts with between 500k-600k total hp’s, not including heals. Directly and indirectly contributing over 500k damage is a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

    • Yep, when the enemy team feeds them CVs can do a lot of damage – just like a battleship. Only, battleship replays with 300k damage and 100k spotting are entirely skill, right?



  16. Thank you for this video, i was just thinking about maybe logging back in and playing a few! This reminded me why i left in the first place! You saved me some pain!

  17. Jumped back into this game after years away and boy howdy going in mid tier bb’s against russian carriers sure has been fun and engaging

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