Improving St.Vincent – World of Warships

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I actually liked this ship a lot when it came out, but like most ships, it seems that playing them as soon as they get out, is not good for your stats, so I am here to fix them again.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I love the let’s improve stuff

  2. Can not wait for monty improvement game hehe kek

  3. Abby The Abinator

    Love the change of content. Fun watching you in a different element. Playing ships based on stats. ^^

  4. One thing WG did ok with the subs is that thing in the water when they use the sonar ping. But is WG, so it is never even close to where the sub is. GeeGee WeeGee.

  5. You would of had over 200k easy if the first 5 mins shooting Kremlin with HE but still a good game too watch nice play flambino

  6. St Vincent is wierd.

    It’s basically thunderer with short fuse AP that still overpens but gets conq heal in return.

    It’s fun though, just the downside is you lose the ability to citadel bbs at range.

    • I think thats okay, yes to citadel BBs is good but with Short fuse AP you atleast guarantee heavy damage every Salvo on BBs and Cruisers (if Rng loves you)

    • Funny thing is, if Flambass had just spammed HE like a filthy noob, he would’ve done twice the damage and easily won the game. It’s a really dumb ship. Very balanced.

    • @Alexander Lee Ive tried HE and it just doesnt work on my St Vincent do barely damage and get almost no fires. AP is more consistent on my Ship atleast

  7. I just feel the frustration through the monitor. The inconsistency with shell penetrations and the overall gameplay experience. For me i play a few rounds and hope for a good MM. But the last weeks its nearly everytime a sub, sub and cv or double sub and cv. World of Warships was a perfect game after a long day to relax and play a few matches. But lately i feel more and more frustration. Cant fight subs properly. CVs are out of hand. When both subs and cvs are dead in a match the fun starts. You see it in this video. Flambass cant play his ship until the annoying sub is dead.
    Well just my two cents, keep it up Flambass!

  8. He uploaded a video of him playing that ship two days ago FYI

  9. I though it was a joke when i saw “improving St Vincent”, being one of the best T10 BB

  10. How the F do you lose a Stalingrad that early in the match.

  11. i like how sad and dissapointed the announcer voice sounds when they say: “Submarine destroyed” as if that wasn’t part of the plan 7:32

  12. The german battlecruiser line is literally just the battleship line, except playable in todays meta

    • @klegdixal …u missed my point completely

    • @Stewart Maclean you mean GK and Preussen are just sad and Schlieffen is fun, in capable hands and/or with a smoke train she’s outright broken. Doesn’t make her a BB.

    • @klegdixal no no, you are correct, i more meant the true battleships are so bad, that the battlecruisers arte better at doing battleship things than the ture BBs are xD

    • @Stewart Maclean but Schlieffen is garbage at tanking damage, it’s just that in current meta it doesn’t matter.

    • @klegdixal yeah, so same as kurfurst and preussen, except its secondaries do something?

  13. Is it nerf or just rng? Those overpens and misses are painful

  14. James Copley - Resoldier

    Man, RNG hated you this time.

  15. I am smashing my 1 key to select HE through the entire video…

  16. Derp Flinger?

  17. Battle cruiser dispersion ellipse, but the 1.6 sigma really showed itself in this one

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