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Discuss best make use of the new system in 0.8.0. Talk about modules, commander skills, and practices to best succeed. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. aa right now is TOO RNG. lots of good cv on high tier ignore the presence of AA cruiser and just drop nearby ships. i have games with my des moines where i did 95k+ aircraft damage but only shot down 13 hakuryu planes.

    unless cv player deliberately slam his planes against flak cloud he wont receive any substantial damage.

    not to mention if DFAA is active, CV player will just press F button and lost nothing, while CA player lost valuable DFAA. if planes are unlimited, they should increase DFAA amount too. 5 is just not enough.

    • +ainumahtar I saw flambass do that as well. But I think it was with the t10 British CV on test.

    • 5 lol i got 2 dfaa on my cruiser so yea augment plz at least

    • +ainumahtar Did you already play a game in a T8 CV? Cause Ivan has a point. You must have a lot of good rng. How are ypu supposed to survive or dodge the flak bubbles?

    • +Ivan Buncic he had a lot of lucky rng and used the island for drop 3, was already dropping on drop 1 before the flak clouds could reach him. That was really lucky. As you said, it’s very hard to dodge flak clouds. The AA itself got nerfed quite hard, but beware the flak clouds. I hardly can get in bombers and their restock time is huge… but well I am waiting. People won’t play AA ships all the time
      . 😉

    • I played almost all my live games in shokaku, a couple in langley (got bored after 5 or so) didnt bother with t6 as on test (where I played quite a lot as well) the t6 and t8 basically were in the same boat. Yes it’s hard to keep your planes intact but you can still do damage, while also getting a lot of spotting. You might not get 200k damage games every game anymore like the old system but you will consistently get damage done, and a ton of spotting to boot, especially considering you basically make it impossible for DD to spot.

  2. PSA: Change the Sector Switch button to the Space Bar. Very accessible and your thumb naturally sits over the space bar.

    • You can change that in game settings. Controls tab > Weapons.

    • I’m now too accustomed to using the tilde key, lol. I think I’d prefer a hotkey for each side instead of the pop-up graphic, but I guess that just makes too much sense.

    • +azraelswrd You can have 2 keys assigned to an action so I’d say put space bar on the key you don’t use currently. Space Bar is the best spot, told my clan about it and they all are using it now since your thumb naturally rests there.

    • +Matthew Robinson Haha, new rule of thumb LUL

  3. any reason why ccs won’t offer any strong criticisms of WG?

    • I personally prefer this design, it is definitely imbalanced and the CCs have communicated in the right channels to WG. I complain in a video get bitched out, don’t complain get bitched out so I’m just going to keep making videos

    • +Notser Complaining would help the community. Call it advocating if you will. This is one of those circumstances where it isn’t viable for players to learn a new meta or how to counter the presence of new features in the game. There is no counter for DD’s right now. The new meta for that ship is to not be played unfortunately. Battles are playing out much differently than they used to in the past, and its not in a way that is healthy for the sustainability of world of warships.

    • Notser that makes a lot of sense, the community is pretty divided on this from what I’ve seen in comments, so it might be best to take a neutral standpoint and focus on assisting people with adapting to the new system. Makes a lot more sense to be productive than to sit and make complaints about it. I personally have no experience because my pc has been in for repairs for the last 2 weeks, so I only have your videos and thoughts to go off of for the cv rework.

    • Any number of things could be suggested — but would any of them be true?

      I’ll say this RE: WG. They don’t take kindly to “disloyalty”, and apparently, they think their willingness to allow CCs to experience everything without paying for it (TBH, the same goes for people on the PTS) means that CCs should be “loyal”.

      But Yeah — many cultures on Earth value Truth over “Loyalty”, and many individuals are capable of recognizing when one group’s “loyalty” is another group’s “threat”.

    • Because if they do, they get cut from the CC program and lose their primary source of YouTube income. Notser is just here sucking up that WG juice and telling us this isn’t bullshit so he can keep making money on teh side from his vids.

      If you wanna know where the real word is at, go watch elite tier wows players who dgaf whether they’re on the cc program or not talking shit about the cv/as game atm. Ie, not Notser.

  4. Carriers being able to line up an accurate attack through an island is just as ridiculous and as being able to go through that island, line of sight for everything except carriers

    • AA does not go through the island anymore, unlike radar and sonar.

    • So every other class except for carriers should be allowed to see an enemy that is on the other side of an island if they’re being spotted by an ally or your radar/hydro?

    • Every other class cannot attack it flat on the other side from point blank, you can slip your planes across the island being safe from AA, drop and hide back behind the island before the ship you are dropping can say “oh shit where did those torps come from”

    • OH NO. No more safty camping behind island 🙂

    • No, now instead people huddle in the back not pushing forward at all instead of at least pushing to an island. Great improvement

  5. fun fact: 0 video on youtube on how to protect yourself from strike squadron with a Shimakaze ( even in full AA build)

    • Thats because for some reason WG decided that the 25 mm guns that the japanese use on literally everything deserved pretty big range nerf

    • yeah i got pegged by a rocket squadron for almost 4k and was like holy fuck that hurts

    • Yeah it is so hard now that i fought tier 8 and tier 10 CV’s at the same time with my Grozovoi and wrecked them both before they could barely even deal 50% of my hp and even that was my fault because i ate one torp just due to laziness.

    • +ainumahtar so thru im dd player naw i hate to play DD this 8.0 update kill my interest of dis game

    • How to protect your DD from strike squadrons: Stay with the fleet. Stay close to two BBs. No more taking caps on your own. Now you have to take 2 CAs and 2 BBs with you to take a cap. No more camping behind islands as dive bombers and rocket planes can attack over islands but your AA can no longer shoot through islands. If CVs plus radar are too hard, play some Tier 5 or Tier 6 games. Personally, I have no desire to play Tier 9 or Tier 10, and occasionally it’s fun to go back to Tier 3 in my St. Louis.

  6. The more I hear about the new system the less I want to play WoW.

  7. Now do a video for mid tier IJN and RN destroyers who have almost zero AA. They need to limit the range that carrier aircraft have. Give aircraft weight, you carry lots ordinance with short range or less weapons with drop tanks for long range. Selected before you enter a game. As it is now a CV can scout the entire map, and attack any target anywhere with little penalty. Carriers need to move to the area they want to operate in.

    • @jamespfp sure, but sometimes the flak comes up as a solid wall you cant even dodge with slowdown, and sometimes it comes up as a nice gate you don’t even have to dodge. As for your DD play, I imagine you either hide among all other ships or never met a CV worth their salt and actually hunting DDs. a CV with RPF hunting DDs trying to scout or cap will kill you without breaking a sweat.

    • +ainumahtar I’ve maintained this argument elsewhere too. The issue , it seems to me, is how frequently the AI gunners are allowed to get a tick of damage, and how frequently the attacking pilot is changing course. It won’t be long before the best angles for evasion are well and truly known.

      As for DDs not getting CVs all of a sudden, I’m the kind of DD player who *could* live to the end of the match every time, by evading detection. Pressing attacks as a 1 man wrecking crew are a thing of the past, not for me… XD

    • +ainumahtar *AND ACTUALLY* to be honest about the most egregious thing I’ve seen this past 4 days, it was 3 cruisers encountering 3 DDs, and not one of them killed a DD. None of them could even HIT the DDs. Becuz…? They were too busy trying to ground themselves.


    • I could live to the end of the match in my DD and actually be useful, now i’m relegated to hiding among other ships or crawl along the edge of the map and snipe CVs. You can’t escape a CV that wants to kill you, and if you’re being useful you should get killed. These are not good combos, so unless you’re in an 8+ russian DD, you’re basically fucked. As for cruisers grounding themselves, I imagine they were mostly just paying attention to their AA and where planes are, a lot of people are doing that atm.

    • @faisal Mats, flak is a new kind of AA they just added to the game, you can see it as small black explosion clouds around ships, and if you’re playing as a CV you will see these popping up near (mostly in front of) your squads. These are by far the most deadly component of ship based Anti-Air fire now, as opposed to before, where AA was just 3 overlapping bubbles increasing in intensity the closer you got to a ship. The actual AA bubbles do almost nothing anymore now, so ships are almost entirely dependent on getting lucky with the game engine putting their flak bubbles in a useful spot.

  8. Cruiser don’t have a real place with this update there real job was AA now what spam he I guess seems broken to me

    • I felt the same thing with my Div mates last night. Full AA specced Dallas, full AA specced ATL, just doesn’t have the “sky punch” anymore. Meanwhile, BB’s were tossing planes out of the sky like crazy. Saw a Yamoto with 25’ish plane kills last night vs. two t10 CV’s. The entire concept/meta is changing and… not sure I’m gonna change with it. Cheers and safe seas.

  9. The system sucks.

  10. I have another method: uninstall. Worked superbly for me.

    • Sometimes the only winning move is not to play

    • No listens to that “uninstall” meme

    • If you want to stay: Adapt or Die. (Watch Moneyball: baseball changed and every team had to adapt or die).If you want to leave, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.I get that you’re mad about the game changing. That’s irrelevant, the game has changed. I’m still having fun down at Tier 4 to Tier 7.

    • “that’s it. Im uninstalling. but first I’m going to go to every video and every forum page to let the whole world know that I’m uninstalling. then I’m going to continue to go onto every video and forum to tell the whole world just how much I hate this game that I’m not playing even playing anymore. then I’m going to come back every once in a while, complain about the game some more, then declare that I’m uninstalling again”

    • Did that on WoT.

  11. He Notser, why do we have to adapt? That’s youtuber talk. I honestly understand why YOU have to adapt, but your motivations don’t apply to me. It’s like the guy who cleans shit for a living. He “adapts” to the smell, but that doesn’t make shit smell nice, does it? Since when is a good decision to unbalance all the game, all the ships, because one class was unbalanced? Is it easier to rebalance all ships and most ship mechanics than it is to rebalance one class? Where’s the logic? That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, specially because nobody ever asked for this crap.
    We all know why WG is doing this, right? This was never about balance. This is a console friendly mechanic with a console friendly interface. It’s about saving their own resources for the console version. Do you have any doubt about it? Don’t be naive. Fucking “Sector Changer” simulator.

    • I enjoy the CV re-work and i have had zero problems in adapting to it with any ship class, so just speak for yourself while enjoy the improved gameplay.

    • +drock 12 Oh that’s for sure, this is just a PC game, if i stop enjoying it, the only purpose of the game is gone. There’s a lot of exciting games coming out that look great.
      Anyhow i admit it’s not the first time i say i’m gonna give up the game and then keep playing it but this time it’s just too many crap at once. I mean how can they say stuff like “no we can’t make this ship gun pen 2 mm higher because it could break the game for ships z and y” and then mess up all the mechanics of the game and the balance of all ships because of one unbalanced class?
      The funny thing is that players think this has nothing to do with consoles… because WG said so. How naive is that?

    • +Zbriu You still haven’t addressed my comment. Things are even more confusing to me since you posted two more comments and I actually agree with them. So, I’d like a clarification of the first one.

    • +mrdoolio Clarification on what subject? Do you mean on my first post? I’m not really playing with CVs now. I’m justt playing ranked, and i am even surprised that i don’t think it’s as painful as previous ranked. As long as i don’t have to play with new CVs, i’m fine. When ranked is over, well, Subnautica Below Zero is gonna waste all my PC gaming time since i love the original and i still play it.

    • drock 12 well many bad reviews on steam, yt, Reddit etc. won’t bring them many new players. Who wants to join a sinking ship?

  12. AA is broken right now. I’ve played SEVERAL games in my AA spec’d Cleveland and New Orleans… in the open.. with sectors set… with Def AA activated… only to not shoot down a single plane. Getting trolled by a CV in that situation just sucks ALL the enjoyment from the game. And don’t get me started on the DD play… This is the second or third gut punch in a row for us. I’ve been a DD main since I started with some cruisers thrown in for a change of pace. I do not enjoy BB play and I refuse to pick up those lines just to have a chance at an enjoyable game. If I have to re-learn how to play a game, it’s going to be on something else. I’m hitting a hard pause on Warships for now. I just redistributed all of my commander skills and we’ll see in a few months if things pan out… maybe.

    • +CloneD Anon Nice assumptions. I was speced AA before this patch. I met CVs about 25% of the time.

    • +Anonymous Anon Lol do not blow it out of proportions, you met CV’s like 10% of the time at best, maybe only up to tier 6 CV’s were more often out there. I really doubt you had no IFHE, DE etc and instead a full AA build in a game where there were almost no CV players. Plus there is still my point that you have to learn the difference now between the short, mid and long range AA on your ship. Not even to mention that CV’s are a nuisance at best anymore, nothing to cry about.

    • +CloneD Anon Nah you’re right. I do remember eventually putting point into other skills because CV matches became fewer and fewer. Probably around 15 percent or so.

    • My full AA Cleveland obliterated Lexington squadrons with sector assigned & defensive fire up. I was literally a no go area for him, I almost felt bad about it.

    • I get you man …. Tried a mostly AA spec Kidd (only didn’t pick AFT since it would buff the main gun range which I don’t want) and shot down only 5 planes from Ranger and Saipan. And some people still think the AA system is fine.
      I get it that there is skill involved for CV players to dodge the flak and all. But what about the surface ships counter play? They get unlimited planes (though realistically they do lose planes if they aren’t too careful but still) and other ships get AA modules damage. When late game comes, they still have relatively large squadrons left and I have only a couple AA mounts left. And that’s not fun.

  13. Bah… just played match with Tier 9 Seattle against a Tier 8 Lexington… I ran defensive AA and he still hit me with two torps. Then I run away and he comes back with bombers… He hit me three times, even when I had defensive AA back up. Took out half my health and there was nothing I could do.

    It’s bad enough you have to dodge the bloody planes, they get you spotted, and now you’re at risk of being nuked by a battleship… but you can’t even kill the planes with a AA cruiser. Utterly ridiculous. I don’t even want to try IJN ship.

  14. My AA Scharnhorst was sooo good…. It actually shot down planes and was useful compared to now

    Now… I can’t protect myself Or the team.. It’s so pathetic

    • Same with my Cleveland. RIP

    • Yea Exactly. As bb you might add well turn aa off

    • You can’t protect yourself or the team by yourself anymore. It’s not pathetic, it’s just different. If you stay with your fleet, your overlapping AA would shred enemy aircraft, so the enemy CVs won’t attack you because they are not stupid. If the enemy CVs are overpowered, this means that your CVs are also OP. Why don’t your CVs go after the enemy CVs instead of hunting DDs? At Midway, I don’t remember our CVs launching attacks on the IJN DDs.

    • +James Darnell Agreed, me in my secondary/ survivability, no bft, built Gneisenau and a clan member in a Scharnhorst roll together and shit all over planes. Even the T8s struggle against us. Add a cruisier or another BB to the mix and they are lucky to barely get one attack run off.

      Gotta roll and push with the team now and most people are playing like that in Random now, surprisingly. I actually like it.

    • +Matthew Robinson Its all fun and games until two days later iChase has broken the AA system and is basically unstoppable.

  15. Come on Notser, do the same thing with american BBs. You have to choose between 100% AA fire which does 0 damage or 120% area sector, which does zero damage times 1.2.

    Your DDs shoot down planes 10 times as easy as Cruisers or BBs of certain contries. This is totally lacking.

    Then again, WG said they would remain the AA capability of ships like the Texas or the Atlanta and yet, it is the exact opposite now.

    A Tier10 CV can destroy BBs with ease, not loosing anything. Flamu also showed it.

    • not to mention he is using a tier 9 and is mostly shooting tier 8 planes. with a 16 pt captain so he can take both AFT and manual AA together with AA mod 1. Like i dont have 16pt captains for all my ships bro. I can understand Notser is not willing to bite the hand that feeds him, but this migrating a tad to far south of the shilly side tbh

    • Btw how about a real challange, try it with a Japanese BB @Notser

    • no??? ??????? ?? ?

      The Audacious video should definitely not be used as an example because it’s so hilariously overpowered. StuntMan racked himself up a 400k damage game with it, that thing is utterly batshit insane

    • Its ok to say you have to re learn. All ive learnt is it sux no matter how i configure it. All your time is spent ducking and weaving planes. No fun in that. I could cop some minor changes to game style/play but his shit.

    • +N1c3s I’ve seen video of a Texas, which is the premiere AA platform from T5-T7 (yes, better than an Atlanta or Cleveland), struggle to shoot down planes. Weird to watch.

      To see Notser here swatting down whole flights of planes in an instant, with a DD!, just feels so, so wrong.

      Something is not right with this system.

  16. “You have to actively maneuver” wow Notser, no s*it? And while we keep our “buddies” safe and valiantly defend against the flying tumor, we get farmed by those ships who are actually shooting enemies. It is so fun getting citadelled in my Salem while i switch sides and unsuccessfully try to fend off planes… Now we literally have to chose between being blapped by either CVs or surface ships. Or just play like complete braindeads and not think at all. Just as long it is fun and engaging, right?

    • If you find funny being blepped every now and then… then yes, it’s fun :V

      I play less after the changes, eventually I will quit unless they fix the mess they have done. Or I can find a different game or invest my free time and money in something completely different than computer games, like enlarging my vinyl records collection and reading books…

    • +MG Todeskult Exactly. I myself am a 30yo and trust me, I do carefully choose where to spend my free time. And if a game is becoming ridiculous, I’ll quit it without hesitation – however, bad taste in my mouth will linger on. I’ve spent three years, few hundred dollars and a LOT of time learning to become an unicum. And that is what disappoints me in the end – how we are all treated by those who we supported with our money and free time.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I never spent a dime in the game so far but I consider to get myself a better pc several times as the last few patches force me to lower the settings. However I start to think if it would be really worth to do so especially if I can keep the same pc & do some other stuffs with it.

    • Yeah… I am trying to defend against planes in my NC and end up accidentally show A LOT of broadside and get deleted.

    • +Goran Radosevic But bloody WG don’t understand ????

  17. Having to spend most of the game shooting at planes instead of playing against other ships (the main thing I enjoy about the game) really kills the fun. It also makes you a sitting duck for reds that aren’t currently focused on planes at the moment.

    • +jamespfp No I meant maneuvering to keep the strong sector aimed at the incoming planes. I do try to avoid their attacks but the sectors are there for a reason. You know…to shoot at them….

    • +Steve Haney Wholeheartedly agree with you; all I’m saying is, the automatic nature of the AA crew (plus sector control for the captain) is more like a shot-clock, or a metronome, than an additional system to fire, like the torps or main battery.

      I’ve been even crazy enough to use the P key and disable my AA for a while, if it keeps me from being spotted in a DD.

    • +jamespfp I misunderstood your initial comment then. I can’t say I like the sector system at the moment though since I’ve found many times it makes me give a broadside to the red surface ships when I otherwise would be angling. Maybe that will change as I adapt but at the moment I really don’t like it.

    • +Steve Haney I’d highly recommend spending a little time with a DD, with the AA turned off. Evading the attack is *always* better than hoping your AA will blunt or entirely stop it. And *SURE* the enemy team is smart enough to know to wait for the right shot, when they’re focusing on the lead elements.

    • +jamespfp I’ll give it a shot. Most of the DDs I’ve tried now seem to be even worse at AA defense than before. Perhaps the extra stealth will prove worth it.

  18. This game has now become more like an FPS, frantic action . That’s not what I want from a ship vs. ship game. With the CV being the central character, all eyes are on the thanks

    • Fair point — it has become more FPS-like, and that’s why WGs Bot-AI cannot handle a CV at the moment. But, on the other hand, if the only thing making the game RTS *IS* the BOT AI, then why are you allowing yourself to think like a Bot?

    • CVs are the central character for “Warships” in the 20th century. Development of the CV proceeded at a much faster tempo than did the Dreadnought and super battleships of the first 4 decades. If anything, I should very much like to see submarines, even if it means I’m at a disadvantage to the aircraft. I would hazard to guess that I’d still manage to slip the DD escort without being detected. What a DD used to be able to do is now the job of cruisers, it appears. 😀

    • +jamespfp yes in real life CV’s were and remain the central weapon in a task force, but this isnt rl. And as all the videos show all other warships are basically irrelevant and survive only if time runs out

    • +John De Jong LULZ Do you know how lame this “THis isn’t real life” argument is?

      CVs are fascinating to people *REGARDLESS* of what happened in real life. Being sore about it now is petulant.

    • My sentiments entirely. The new carrier and their omnipresent planes have sped the gameplay up to a ridiculous degree and spot everything all of the time. Even if you do implement the new aa systems effeciently all ships are still spotted whilst the planes are overhead regardless. This game is broken on so many levels and is just turning into simple shooter for those players who haven’t the patience to wait five minutes before pressing the fire button.

  19. Everyone knows that warships only sailed with half of thier AA crew…

  20. I kind of disagree about the sector thing, especially on things like Japanese DDs or even japanese ships in general. Because of how ridiculously short range your AA is, you’ll do almost no damage until the planes are right on top of you, and then by the time you switch your sector the planes are already well out of range. And continuous damage is pretty bad anyway because it just kind of spreads across the planes. You won’t kill anything until he’s flown over you two or three times. The only real way to prevent them from getting at least two attacks off is to invest in flak bursts and pray you get lucky. And thats in ships that actually have flak, like Akatsuki. If you’re in something like a Kagero, you might as well just give up and wait for death

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