Improving your Aim – World of Warships

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Sharing my technique for maximizing my aiming in World of Warships, previous video existed but was out of date. Hope this helps and hope you have a wonderful day! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. First. Please pin this comment.

  2. How to improve your aim: play Russian cruisers.

    • +J Furken the joke is that Russian cruisers are so easy to aim so by playing them your aim is “better.”

    • The Invincible Iowa

      I disagree; with more direct shells; you dont get the advantage of firing over islands; and your shells are less forgiving against angled targets; Russian CA/CL teaches you to pick your target/shell type and when to hold fire in favor of staying concealed not to mention your railgun arcs help you learn how to deal with DD’s.

    • Some Russian cruisers are almost point and click. Dont play Russian cruisers unless or untill your adept at shooting from something else.

    • +The Invincible Iowa thats very true. Going from usa to Russian was not an easy transition

  3. Youare my favorite wow player i will always support you and watch you.Keep it up bro.☺️☺️☺️

  4. Nice one, also this helps me play with battleships and make perfect accurate shots and do tons of damage, thanks Notser ?

  5. Good stuff! Appreciate the instruction – other CCs take note!

  6. Thanks for helping me on my aim, my weakness is when the target turns towards me

    • diagonal towards you or on the turn towards you… 2 different things.
      If he is going straight in a diagonal towards you just judge the speed and than look at the minimap and put your aiming circle on his vector.
      If he is turning you always have to take into consideration that ships don’t turn but drift … so if he turns towards you aim slightly to the outside of his turn to hit him bang on.

  7. I would like to see a follow up about aiming at ships in a turn. Just how much lead up and down one should give and finally cover aiming at ships moving towards or away. I find those harder to judge and tips would be helpful.

    • Yes that would be very helpful.

    • tbh that will come with game experience and training over time every game taking your time to aim. yeah you might lose a few playing weird like that but over time your aim will get retardedly better. Another good way is playing only a few ships to get used to their guns.

    • In a way this is also where minimap can help you. If you look at your crosshair on minimap, you can see where your shells are going to land, so you can see on minimap ship turning and you can anticipate where it’s gonna be and aim there. That should give you first indicators and later on it will come naturally. Well that being said, the view of angled ship is very missleading, so it’s always a good idea to check minimap for angling of ship you’re aming at.

    • +PetrSojnek yeah even people are good at it, it never hurts to hear other people’s tips and this video is about tips. So I thought a follow up video for more advanced tips would be a natural follow up.

  8. can you do a video on how angling works? i want to know what direction i need to point my ship to make shells bounce off thanks.

    • 30 degreese is autobounce angle. Download a modification from WGs official mod client that shows you your angle and enemy angle.

  9. Hey Notser! Greeting from Asian server!
    Just try to break through 54% of win rate! And this video is really useful for me! Didn’t even know what’s the meaning or those numbers and lines besides the cross XD
    BTW I am a big fan of IJN DDs, hopefully you will have more games demonstrate IJN DDs! And maybe show us how to aim torps as well!

  10. Notser talking about planes of existance like he has a third eye or somthing.

  11. This was a bit boring… I would have shown some of these principles in action, maybe a few clips from some games in the Zao? But while explanatory, and certainly useful for those who maybe do not know the aiming systems of WOWS, but for ANYONE who has the basics of aiming down, this was not very useful… Watching people make hard shots is useful for someone like me. *Speaking of which NO ONE – not you, not Flamu, Flambass, Zoup, Aeroon – no one I can think of has played ANY ZAO for weeks! I would like to see more Zao gameplay! Sure Panzerknacker likely has some sweet replays, but I like to hear what SKILLED players are thinking while playing*

  12. this has been the best aiming video I have seen. thanks

  13. The same video exist in game , wasting of time . If u gone do anything work in game with armor lay outs , shells speed and arc for different types of ships and more. For everyone who asking for more download Aslain mod . Ton of videos how and what to install . It’s not illegal , but not approved from WG.

  14. scout aircraft is fine when ship you are aiming at is parallel to the aim line. BUT, using scout aircraft for a ship that is traveling diagonal to the line or worse TURNING makes aim less reliable. Need a video for that Notser.

  15. I would like to be able to dismiss the scout airplane. There are times you shoot, then unzoom, and the new ship you want to target is not able to found quickly when you zoom again esp when the new target it close.

  16. Notser, my voice is twice as deep as yours and even mine break sometimes. No need to interrupt the lesson to apologize.


  17. (NOTSER)Also it was a nice video on aim to bad you couldn’t incorporate when a ship is coming towards you ( longitude ) Bow first and you are using a the spotting aircraft and need to know how to figure out the math to shoot the ship at. Because that is a bit more confusing then when a ship is sailing parallel with you. So trying to figure the spotting plane longitude shots are a hell of a bit more confusing when the enemy ship is 3/4 of the map away. Wish that was incorporated in this video as well. That is my question how do you figure that out? Thanks for the video again.

    • Cool vid notser, keep up the good work. I would also like to add that it’s not necessary to have the crosshairs with numbers on it to have good aiming. I started out using the thin line with no numbers on it. Years later I’m still using the same one. It just takes practice to put your shells where you want them. I would suggest trying this crosshair for a while. You don’t have to do any math or count seconds or anything like that. You just shoot where it “feels” right. You can only miss so many times before you figure out exactly what that “feel” is.

  18. This is a video that fits into the select “must-watch” category. Seriously. If I was starting a clan I would expect all members to watch AND incorporate the elements you pointed out. I have 13k matches and can say there’s nothing of import I can add to your tips. Very well done Notser … you packed a lot of useful information into a short period of time. New players who want to improve should watch this, play some, and re-watch. Rinse and repeat untill everything in this vid is second nature. You will become an asset to any team you are on.
    Das Bat

  19. Notser thanks for always being so pleasant in your videos its honestly a breath of fresh air. I would like to have seen more of an example of leading shots on a moving target especially at faster moving targets i.e shooting dds in a BB cheers

  20. How about tips on shooting at a kiting Henri with speed boost on at 18km over 2 mountains without a spotter plane

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