Impurrtant Meowssage – Global World of Warships Channel Is Here!

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We’re happy to announce the launch of new a global YouTube channel for you!
We want to communicate with our players more, run various activities, Q&A sessions, contests for players, etc. For these reasons, we decided to launch one united Global Channel — a single YouTube destination for captains from all around the world. We hope you’ll support our decision!

Want more info? Check out the World of website!


  1. wow I love Cat 😍😍😍

  2. It sucks that everybody here is playing World of Warships while I’m stuck playing World of Warships Blitz because my computer is down

  3. I like her tattoo. Also, the wreck of the Lexington was found today 800km off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

    • Shahnewaz Siddique

      Tenryuu Ship wait…so the lexington ship museum is a fake lexington?

    • Shahnewaz Siddique

      And the real is sunk?

    • The Lexington that was found, is the fourth ship to bare the name and leader of the Lexington-class aircraft carrier. The Lexington aircraft museum, is the fifth and final ship to bare the name and is an Essex-class carrier. Still a Lexington.

    • Very true majgijoe, except that the first carrier Lexington was the FIFTH American warship to carry the name, not the fourth and the Essex class ship was the sixth. The first, and the one most often forgotten was a brig rigged (two masted square rigged) warship which entered service during the American Revolution in 1776, the same year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

      I think the time has come for the USN to build a new Lexington, perhaps the next carrier to follow the new Enterprise (CVN 80.)

    • Robert F a technicality in that CV-2 Lexington started out as CC-1 Lexington. In that case, then yes CV-2 is the fifth to bare the name. But I consider that since CC-1 Lexington became CV-2 Lexington because of the Washington Naval Treaty, it’s still the fourth. Technicalities.

  4. Wow, i like cute kitty 😗

  5. That cat is like, lady put me down and where’s my double ration?

  6. This game and these videos never get old.

  7. Excellent! Really enjoyed the story of everyone involved in bringing this game to life.

  8. Gotta say. Your documentaries are by far the best one out there when it comes to production quality!

  9. man..just make a goddamn animated film…you guys will kill it…i know…

  10. Now i want a commander kitty for my ships, with voice lines like “meow” and “purr” and “meow meow meow meow”. At least kitty voice lines will be better acted than Steven Seagal’s….

    • You think this is Monster Hunter World >_<

    • Zam: I’d be down for hunting a Bismarck across Tears of the Desert with only a massive sword and my kitty companion! The legendary turtleback armor I will make from it’s corpse will be quite awesome indeed!

  11. More Kitty Captain!!!

  12. If any movie company actually does try to do another Bismarck movie, offer your assistance!

  13. This is awesome. Love the new French BBs btw. Keep up the good work.

  14. Does this mean that every Naval Legends video from now on is in Imperial measurements? I know, it’s insignificant, but I still like metric better.

    By the way, still can’t find that extraordinarily catchy ships specifications theme in Naval Legends. I know it sounds like Future War, but it’s a different mix (so stop telling me it’s the same, you’re just tone-deaf).

  15. Eeeey!

    Now WoWs NA WoWs Asia are gone!
    And hello WoWs Official

    Ps. Random thought. You guys could also sell some of the ship models to movies and shows as you guys have the best models I’ve Ever scene

  16. World of Warships Official Channel

    Do you like my video, meow?
    Maybe I should exercise more? Not today, because I am the captain now, meow!

  17. I appreciate your work. Thank you for the great games.

  18. Wait does the North American server still get to see dasha???????????!!!!!!!!?

  19. Mortified Pancake

    Kitty Purrfurst? I like it.

  20. “Tell me you like my cat!”

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