Incomparable – THE CONCEALMENT IS WAY TOO BROKEN – World of Warships

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  1. Shout out also for the Kearsarge. People think you are a floating meme until you hit them with the main battery guns. Great fun to play also.

    • When you can actually hit things. I guess I’m just not used to North Carolina guns but the glacial shell travel time is difficult to work with. A lot can happen in the week it takes for the shells to land and the ship seems to be more frustrating than anything else. You can’t get close because you constantly eat full pens and you can’t stay too far back because your guns are nearly impossible to use at long ranges. But yes, when they DO hit, they hurt.

    • @Robby Yant It takes practice, that is for sure but once you nail the lead time on the shells…big numbers. Also, put Halsey on it and profit.

  2. Let’s say you can’t compare this ships with anything 🙂

  3. Oh, you think concealment is your ally. But you merely adopted concealment. I was born in it. Molded by it. I wasn’t spotted until I was already at point blank range and then my high caliber salvo was nothing to you but blind… devastating!

  4. Imagine playing your DM, getting spotted and thinking you’re getting outspotted by a mino or DD… Then this thing pops up.

  5. I have been keeping track of games on line of its performance ,watched this game so many shells gave up no damage on a lot of ships ,still have not seen a ship over 265,000 dmg sure It looks like fun but hits on light ships give very little dmg ,Im still going to get Shirk before this ship when the next coupon comes out.,I still think Its better by a long shot….

    • Took me 5 seconds to find a game with more than 265 000 damage:
      Almost 300 000 damage out of pure AP (so no fires which inflate damage numbers massively).
      And just like the last time I saw your comment, comparing this to Shikishima and thinking Shikishima is superior, hilarious.
      Shikishima is literally inferior to Yamato which is tech tree (less consistency, more overpenetrations), Incomparable and it aren’t even on the same podium.

      Poor, poor delusional guy.

    • @dzello That’s right they are not on the same podium and that ship never will carry games better than Shirk. When you find games over 400,000 dmg like the Shikishima let me know. The low health pool stops this ship from being a great ship. Check wows stats and numbers to see what ships are the best. A few games around 250,000 dmg Shirkishima does that all the time.

  6. An OP ship – who’d have thought?!

  7. They said, that the Yamato will have the biggest guns and it was imho ok that Shiki has bigger guns since that is a sister of the Yamato. But now they are starting to introduce other broken ships with large caliber guns.
    Only russian ships have the ability to bounce them if slightly angled. Shitty game, excellent video and streamer!

    • on the forum post about it they only said “they had no plans at this time” and that was years ago why do people take it as gospel?

    • the Yamato HAD the biggest guns in the game

    • Yamato class had the biggest guns, Shikishima is not a sister of Yamato but rather a refit with 510mm guns that were intended to be used on the Design A-150 being a successor, even if WG says Shikishima is Design A-150, its Setsuna that is Design A-150 more or less since very little remained about it as at the end of the war, Japan destroyed a lot of documentation.

      Incomparable is … well Incomparable, even if modified but the class was pushed by Admiral Fisher having the typical Fisher Battlecruiser design, fast at the expense of armor and intended to destroy cruisers. They were not even designed because Jutland made the whole concept of battlecruiser dubious and Fisher had resigned.

  8. Absolutely broken they would add a BB with better concealment than a DM. Just utterly insane.

  9. Did you know that in the original design, the super-Yamato class was meant to have 510mm guns with a reload of 45s to 60s ?

  10. incomparable looks like a gigantic version of HMS Hood.

  11. there is something broken about this ship. I must have shot one sailing broadside to my petro at 8km 50 or 60 times and only collected 1 citadel. it’s impossible to cit, though the armor clearly is designed for easy cits. something is funky going on. i tried shooting high on the armor (obviously didn’t work) I tried shooting at the waterline (didn’t work) I tried shooting just under the waterline, like you would if you were trying to cit a smolinsk, didn’t work (though it should have, there is almost no armor there). in the end the only shot that hit was from a steep front bow on angle, that punched in from the bow.

    • Russian ships are protected by mighty chest pubes of comrade commander stalin, most innovative and advanced of glorious superior Russian armor technology

    • It has inside plates inside (in the front, there’s one if I recall). You get pens, but it doesn’t go to the citadel all the time.

    • Its your range… At 8km, your so close your shells have little drop. So when it pens a ship, your shells are flying almost parallel to the citadel top armor. So you get automatic bounce on the top of the citadel armor after it pens the side armor.

      I had the same issue with a Thunderer that was going right towards a **stationary broadside** Montana at 10km range. 4 shells, bounce, 4 shells, bounce/eaten by water, 4 … I actually died to the Montana that simply pumped 12 shells in my superstructure for guaranteed damage.

      That is the issue with ships that have waterline Citadels. Water eats the shells have a good angle to pen and those shells that are above, if they do not “drop” to change their angle, you get bounces.

      The game really does not correctly show why and then people feel pissed about clear broadside targets.

  12. You know, I really didn’t appreciate how outrageously conky that main battery is until you looked down on that rear turret

    Also, that moment when it rebounded off the yamato like a tennis ball, she must be really light for her size

  13. Александр Скопич

    Люблю твои ка’тки , корабль отличный.

  14. this ship feels like a t10 georgia with a bigger heal and longer cooldown with hydro.

  15. What doesn’t this have? Super heal, hydro, torps with ripple fire, huge guns, light cruiser detection, spotter plane.

  16. Wows, 2025 :
    DD : “Hey WG, where is this new premium BB with high concealment you told us about ?”
    WG : …
    DD : “…he’s behind me isn’t he ?”

  17. How does this get 10.6 while moskva and hinden get 14+
    Doesn’t the 25mm ends hurt it though?
    What’s the dispersion most salvos looked good

  18. reminds me of conq’s 1st live iteration with its absurd concealment that lets you get into positions another bb would be punished at

  19. concealment is good, but 17km range is quit short for a T10 BB, after 10min in game only 18 hits to enemy ships – this make a conqu in 4 mins after game starts – so I dont know why it should be OP. Of course vs such weak players like this enemy Stalin you could easy farm damage but I dont know if this ship is really 31k steel worth. Bourg is much better I think

  20. when the battleship with superovermatch, improved dispersion and a short reload also had a better concealment than my salem…

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