Incredible first Round with Jervis – 8 Kills || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. TheAwesomekid1001


  2. 3rd…. :_P how you guys like the new British DD so far ??

    • Decent… struggles with it especially With all the radars and stuff.
      The Jarvis is also good. Had my first game vs T9s, and ended second overall in a win. I like it better than the 6, but most because i liked the gadjah. That 360 rear-turret makes a lot of difference.

  3. Alexander Parabellum

    5th fine :)))

  4. Potatoes… it’s hard to carry them all.

  5. VERY very nice !!!

  6. he deserve to win this

  7. Nice torp by the friendly Furutaka….

  8. The end there….lol, just lol.

  9. It was very kind of the enemies to sail into the torps at the end.  That was the best finale in decades.

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