Indomitable Impression v2 – World of Warships

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Testing out the recently improved Indomitable, Attack rockets received a buff and now she handles much better. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII British Carrier Indomitable Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Thanks for sharing. And…would you consider making another down the line video for french bb or cruisers? ₍⁽˚⑅̆˚⁾₎

    • hmm. angle and fire. use their tier 6 and ups speed to get side shots which is easy, blap everyone with your insane amount of guns and decent accuracy.

  2. Can you review to Kaga and the Graf Zeppelin?

    • +Lil Piet Well, we have seydlitz and some imperial german projects for carriers, we just need a tier 10 carrier for a german line.

    • +Rafael Tait well, I would like it cuz I almost have all german ships

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      +Lil Piet You so are wrong ,- – , WG like to do paper ships , most T10&T9 ships are projects … , we can see German , Italian ,Franch , Comonwelth (Canada & Australia had cv) and… Paneuropean (there was leeks that WG plan that line) and can also be premium Brazilian, Argentinian & Indian cv … (and about Graf Zeppelin , wreck is in Polish coast waters , so… basicaly there can be Polish CV ;))

    • +Adam Marcinkowski If you think that the Graf is “useless” then you have no idea how to play it.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      +Deathking97Ok , genius , as I have writen there is no German CV line , so Graff is usles , because playing it is waste of time , there is no point of having german CV captain , I hate cv , play with them and against them , I would like WG made option for players to turn off cv in randoms ,weirdly enough as a player I have 62% win rate on cv…

  3. I’d still like to see the Ark Royal

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Will you be reviewing all the premium CVs It could be really helpful for someone who got one in a crate

  5. gg, but you should really give more fighter support to your team mates notser 😉

  6. Indomitable player be like :

  7. Hi Notser, would be super useful if you could review all premium CVs . Cheers for the video. ?

  8. Thank you, Sir. I.m twiddling my thumbs waiting patiently for her to be on sale.

  9. So here’s my thoughts on CV’s I would like them to buff the alpha damage and nerf the dots

  10. Going to add some helpful advice as Notser made a mistake in his own commentary.
    When you have a fighter locked onto you, drop as many attack loads as you can, never take your hands off that speed boost. If you have two attack runs worth of planes left in your squadron use one then press F.
    The fighters will not chase both squadrons. They will only chase the last squadron under your control including the one under your current control.

    This saves you on average 3 planes per engagement. You will lose your last attack runs worth of planes 90% of the time however doing this. That being said losing 3 aircraft is better than losing 6 or 9 aircraft.

    Hope this helps, its best to practice this with a friend in the training room.

  11. Christian Krakhofer

    no t10 game for the actual survivability of these tiny squads with limited hangar capacity?

  12. Once again Notser shows a CV battle where its top tier. All cvs are great when they’re top tier! (rolls eyes)

    • Thats why i love my new Kaga. Sure, you lose planes rather quickly, but on the other hand losses don’t hurt so much, even when you are VIII in a Tier X game. Top 3 on points earned is very common in Tier X games there, too.

  13. Without the torps this carrier feels very lacking

  14. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    Don’t know if I want this one. Looks good against low tier… unsure how it would fair in same tier or T10..

  15. sent you an interesting replay. My Fiji vs 2 T8 aircraft carriers.

  16. Notser, which in your opinion is the best prem CV overall? Do you have a top 3 and in which order? Thanks for the videos and your Twitch channel.

  17. i missed the t8 cv by about 50 of those airplane points.

  18. I honestly dont understand watching CV gameplay. I can see, multiple times you flying straight through flak bursts and take no damage on your planes. When I play I never have that, I always have to dodge flak or get my planes shredded. Not only that, after the attack run and leaving the AA aura, I can get my planes shredded by invisible flak bursts.

  19. CynicallyObnoxious

    I honestly think showing how it performs in a t10 would be more honest since thats what t8 cvs mostly see

  20. Nice look at how the squadrons and weapons are working. Your score was nice Notser but it’s really boggling that you’re seemingly ‘okay’ with flying over 4-5 enemy ships like that. Just wait them out and go after the loaner. They’ll disperse soon enough. Also, when you’re attacking a single ship (especially with fast aircraft) just extend out past their AA range after your attack run… rather than perform a 180 degree turn, all the time within their AA range. This is one of the most basic concepts when it comes to limiting damage to your squadrons.

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