Insane 300k damage game || World of Warships

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This is correct teamscore screen

Player: _FTD_
Map: Hotspot

► How can you send me a Replay ?


  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Ohhh shiny…wait wrong video!! Great replay and the intro is the best! Btw
    PK can I send you a wot replay from 9.14 which is in wotreplays??

  2. I still think the Minotaur misplayed at the final bit. He has ~9km
    concealment and Gearing was hiding behind island. He could have hold fire
    and snuck away, with only ~60 seconds he will win via pts.

  3. Loop-Infinito da preguiça

    i wanna see 300k playing without a divison

  4. Oh I see, FTD, OMNIhax.exe works again LUL^^

  5. Had to stop and say LOL when the Zao was melted 2.5 minutes into the game.

  6. Hallo, everyone Just keeps in showing the broadside to the yamato… ESP.
    the GK and the Mino…….

  7. The Team Detail slide is from another game. As *FTD* had a Gearing in his
    division but the screenshot shows Hakuryu

  8. in game ( gearing / desmoines )
    score point ( hindenburg / hakuryu )
    WHY ?

  9. victory screen isn’t the same than the teamscore screen. platoon of 2 (bb+
    dd) in game become platoon of 3 (with bb+CV+CA) in teamscore screen (in a
    game without CV); and 5 kills during the replay become 3 in teamscore
    screen !!!

  10. LMAO Saw that Minotaur Running away from the Yamato at the end.

  11. the team screen is wrong

  12. Panzer knacker, I did 300k a while ago, but it was a loss. Would you still
    be interested in watching?

  13. I so hate the toxic guy especially like the “Speedkiwi” in this video,
    usually they do toxic just because they die so early and has nothing to do.
    I searched his Hindenburg’s win rate only got 45% and I think he just toxic
    out his teammate in every battle. Some players always said they did tons of
    dmg but still lose all night, I think they will never figure out why…

  14. that minotaur…. The only thing he needs to do was just to hide and run,
    but instead of doing that, he decided to fight a Yamato at close range.

  15. what a good team play…

  16. Why did the DD wait so long before popping smoke in the beginning??

  17. How to turn off the interface during the battle.?

  18. The team score screenshot is not the right one… is it FTD’s or your
    ‘mistake’, Panzerknacker?

  19. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    So there are OMNI in this game too…I guess I know what happens in the
    battles with those guys…

  20. this fuck, horrible play, stereotypical yama player

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