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  1. goodbye OP CV ? Hotfix is here today

    • Lord knows they’ll prep the “too-big-hammer-of-nerf” and go “lemme smash” so hard on the CVs. Good thing I didn’t get Hakuryu of the bat

    • Well with the hotfixxed AA + all driving in blobs + “ALL AA SKILLS ON ALL SHIPS MUHAHAHA” + everyone and their grandma having deff AA atm CVs are xp pinatas that get farmed for their planes. T8 is unplayable if you get up tiered and even T10 is hard when you drive the Midway. Some things about the hotfix are good and were much needed but the new “new” aa is a bit to strong … heck they more then doubled the DPS on most mid range auras.

    • pasch, there is also an NA 550317 dmg game in haku, as a heads up(I know this is RU record though )

    • Will not be played and later buff and later nerfe and later buff. If cv is nerfed wont be played again. Old rts was 100000000 times better balanced

    • if i get it i will show it too 😉 regards +MR. Hydro Salem

  2. So CVs are OP right now ?

    *Incoming hate comments on CVs*

    • +Firdause Mangun if we dont i cant see any reason play or keep sipan or even play at all. T8 bb vs sipan torps and it took every plane. I spend 10 min and sub 15k then the last maybe making another 20k. Every attack i lose the whole group.

    • +Jerry Glaze no worry dude. Better ask Saipan for buff. As I encountered sometimes, I think old CV Saipan has stronger fighters & weaker TB compared to my Hiryu. As for new TB for depends on 3 new types, WG gotta figure out something unique for Saipan, maybe higher rocket damage & higher TB damage despite having smaller squadron. Maybe planes HP could be increased if with commander skills, modules & upgrades still lead to losing all planes.

    • +Firdause Mangun true
      Its been nice to have civil conversation about CV it does not happen offten.

    • +Jerry Glaze yeap. It’s great to be civilized.

    • Give back rts in old cv you can help

  3. The poor enemy team, i can feel the salt xD

  4. I’m predicting people unaware of planes and unwilling to even try to dodge torp in this video even before watching it~

  5. Please remember Haku was always OP. It was always a T12 ship. Why WG made IJN CV so much better than US is a my story.
    The rest of the CV line, the other 9 are fine. Some are under powered. Try tsking a t8 into at t10 or a Ranger into a t8.
    There are other CV than this thing.
    And before you hate just go and play them. You will find its not ease to sodge flak and there are not many planes on the deck you can get deplaned very fast.

  6. LOSE 🙁

  7. Made such a nice game with my GK, 150K dmg in the first 7 minutes, agressive push and then arrived one Haku torp squad…zero plane kills by 3 waves…gg no re

  8. *this is world of warplanes*:(

  9. the richelieu didn’t even have its UI fully loaded … first action was to press W AND A in order to avoid the first attack. That’s an horrible game design, pure and simple.

  10. Highest is a 550K…. but yes.. this was disgusting.

  11. Definition of selfish play. 350k dmg and first kill? Not capping. Almost dead enemy ship and dont kill him to keep farming dmg? Not supporting your team with his fighter…. This is ugly af.

  12. Watching this video was like disgusting disaster tourism…

    Btw I stop playing WoWS for a period because I’m basically a DD-player, and…

    … eh …

    … why am I writing, when you know the rest…

  13. Miroslav Zhelyazkov

    All brainless CCs, big youtubers and crybabies have a great contribution to the downfall of this once very smart and entertaining game. Your constant critisism turned WOWs into a disaster of never-ending buffs and nerfs. Don’t you have real life?!? It seems most of you don’t. Yes, there are unicum players who deal 300 k + (even up to 500 k) damage, so what? Does this mean that we, the regular average / above average players have to experience these ridicilous changes on a weekly basis? Come on, most of the players have a job and a family and just want to play their favourite game for a couple of hours after a hard day at work. Dear WG employees, you are diging your own digital grave. Believe me or not WOWs is already a dead man walking.

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      I know it began as a cool game but now I’ve renounced playing it, it doesn’t feel anymore good… I mean I’d rather play World of tanks right now.

    • Thats true. The CV come out. They dont play it. They see one gsme of Hak which was always t12. And suddenely everyone is.
      They don’t play them they just complain and yes I have gotten cought up in it as well but yiur right.
      I have about 1 or 2 hours a day and that it. Suddenly I cant enjoy somthing because there just complaning.
      Knowone has even put out how to get. Guess there to busy complaning.

  14. What’s truly scary is so many of those drops were poor. Too early, too far behind, into bow-in targets, etc. And still easily topped 500K. Wow.

  15. Cv rework is insane, even i was noob cv player still got 200k dmg on my kaga

  16. Den Abschlussbildschirm hätte ich gern gesehen…;)

  17. Wow, first 356K was without any frags.

    • Kenny Tritch that’s the thing for me with the rework. They farm the damage and they must have favorable game conditions to do it i.e. this game the other team was gaining points and the game took longer. Theships that stayed alive could shoot and as it showed won the game for their team.

  18. 500,000+ damage. Good lord…

  19. Did CV’s have 1000s of planes in WWII?

    • Acording to WG yes. And they had a Nano Tech robots capable of repairing planes to 100% operational status.

      Its a amazing thing.

  20. And they still lost lol

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