INSANE 550K DMG the WORLD RECORD || World of Warships

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  1. I first got suprised thinking “how is 550k dmg posible” then I realised he was playing a carrier

  2. I guess that Record will stay for a long long time =)

  3. Should probably point out this was before the hotfix.

  4. Nice; same guy as the Minotaur 11 kill game. Crazy.

    • Sauber abgewickelt Panzerknacker, als langer Wows Konsument muss ich sagen geil !
      Versuche seit Tagen mit der Midway halb so viel DMG zu machen aber das klappt noch nicht ‘_’

  5. Hakuryu under-powered, Wargaming, please buff! ^_^

  6. One of the most infamous and game-breaking chapter of wows

  7. This is very boring to watch. And this class is kinda broken.

  8. 241k flooding dmg. This is now a game that I am no longer familiar with.

    • Why? I mean if any BB Kevin use his repair party for 1 fire…what do you think will happen?

    • Dude it was before hotfix , now it’s impossible to do that. Torps of haku were nerfed ( 40 knots vs 50) and much les floods. Also AA buff and No f key spam. In this build now hard to make more than 80 k, you loose planes so much. You have to yes dive bombers cause torp planes have to restore. Im having now better results on midway than haku.

  9. That chat conversation about how underpowered CV’s are is what is the best in this replay.

  10. Not the first time I saw Gaishu Isoroku – he’s a great player. Demonstrates how game-changing a good CV player is with this rework…and how horribly unbalanced it is that there’s nothing surface ships can do to stop it.

  11. alone yamato kill all planes in group 10cv 3-4 seconds, max damage now 50-80k

  12. 240k with floodings is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in this game.

  13. Record is going to be held by a class that is good for pumping out raw damage and not being in any risk of dying as well as a broken record that won’t be surpassed. Not really deserved.

  14. When you miss the old CV style of play…

  15. Magically regenerating torps. Ooookay. What’s next, an arcane enchanter in port for blessing your ship with anti-vampirism?

  16. WG : “The former cvs are OP and have to be reworked” => result

  17. the rework needs a rework

  18. Soll ja mit der Haku öfter solche Ergebnisse drin sein….im moment. Wird rausgepatcht demnächst

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