INSANE FRENCH GUNS WITH SPECIAL RNG – Republique in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.

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  1. No views? Heresy!

  2. Love your videos.

  3. Imagine being Elon musk and crying for extra sauce PeepoSad CVs

  4. Gotta love the balansed carrier FDR: *Fire, Destruction, and Rage*: Can describe either the victim’s ship, or to the victim’s PC. Or both.

  5. Still wondering when other nations will also get monitor class coastal ships. Weird that Petro is the only one so far.

  6. My god even I don’t have that much of a heavy accent

  7. That teammate of his is ALWAYS whining about something or the other. EVERY vid.

  8. “one plane drops 500,000,000 torpedos” lol!

  9. fdr is perfectly balanced.

  10. Why would World of Warcraft players hate CV’s?

  11. @Wombat wow is an acronym for world of warships too

  12. FDR and thundered needs nerf then I’ll come back to play WoWs again

  13. Werner Troicinet

    I would like a mechanic where bluelining actually damages your ship. Alot.

  14. I expect a *premium* Dutch cruiser with infinite reload booster and infinite air strikes for $500

  15. I just got Republique recently, its my first tier 10 tech line ship, but I baraly play it bcs the service cost is just brutal, and it doesnt matter if I do well or win, I still lose credits without taking all signals and camos which ( I almost dont have ).

  16. SkyRaider Eclipse

    Imagine if you could swap engine boost for reload booster

  17. I feel for that Petro. Yesterday, I got smacked for atleast 50% of my HP by an FDR with my Petro with only one bomb strike.

  18. Ahh yes the ship that has the ability to fire in one direction of a ca
    and the shots accedentally kill a bb in the oposite direction – french dispersion joke

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