Insane Ohio Carry/Comeback – World of Warships

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  1. 13:53 LOL

  2. Why didn’t he shoot repu

  3. “Insane” stupidity of the enemy team

  4. One giant potato get its lucky day. Not impressive at all.

    • So much stuff he does absolutely bugs me to no end.
      He spent all game just sitting motionless in the back line. Then when the game was basically decided just yoloed into a crossfire. If the enemy was competent he would have died instantly.

    • @dexecuter18 lol that’s a good one, first he snipe in distance you say he just sitting in back line, when his team loose all 3 caps he rush in kill every enemy ahead him it’s called” yoloed into a crossfire when the game was basically decided”, so no matter hide or rush he is wrong.

    • @zhang andi He was sniping in a ship that is a poor sniper instead of actually contributing to a flank. If the Gearing was competent he would have died pushing straight into their team.

  5. One thing I don’t understand is why in all the videos you have -35 ping. While the best I get is 100+

    • All replays have -35 ping. If it is filmed directly with film capture you’ll see normal values. If you rewatch your own replays they will also have -35 ping.

  6. Does the guy have parkinson’s or what /?
    Good video

  7. Kyriakos Stefanakos

    WTF is with the spaz movement??

  8. 6:22 lol this KS was magic

  9. Anderson Moreira

    I wish my kurfurst secondaries worked like this one :/

  10. He just stole everyones kills

  11. 腳尾飯專家,玩得很爛整場在那邊撿快死的 不要臉

  12. good game, but talking about insane I am more impressed by the salty comments below, either they don’t even owned the game or they are top 1% of whole server

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