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Watch our new trailer!
In the heat of a raging battle, it can be easy to miss some details about your combat environment!
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In the heat of a raging battle, it can be easy to miss some details about your combat environment.
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  1. I saw something like this on reddit a couple weeks ago. I’m glad you appreciate your Fans work.

    • I really doubt they do. It’s that they had a lot of PR disaster this year, because of their ignorance, that they try to turn the tides.

  2. all hail the art department

  3. Good question … where is the code … i didn’t find and saw it πŸ™

    by the way … congratulations to the video

  4. God bless Haruna Kai Ni’s 0.10.10 teaser video

  5. Nice graphics.

  6. the new graphics is going to destroy my laptop lol

  7. This is amazing! Thank you, marketing department <3

  8. Thanks <3

  9. Art deparment with the carry

  10. Only the Art Department has kept this game alive and running.

  11. Long live, Haruna!

  12. Have your art department considered making an open world game?

  13. Sadly Legends right now is having dispersion issues compared to PC. Might as well put all the things it needs.
    1. Custom Matches
    2. Better Dispersion and Shell Grouping
    3. Better Currency Earnings in a battle.
    4. More players in a match.
    5. Needs episodes.
    And 6. Graphics in Water.
    So yeah Legends is basically on a really bad schedule on many…many things

  14. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    Exactly zero submarine content. The game should be the same way – WG, you said it yourselves ‘submarines don’t belong in World of Warships’.

  15. The newly-updated maps look lovely.

  16. I love the details on the islands such as waterfalls and the like! It is so much fun observing the islands themselves even with the battles ^^

  17. I love how they themselves missed a detail: effing submarines. And that’s how it should stay.

  18. Awesome!!

  19. The code only give you x2 back2school so it make your ship all yellow and +100% commander XP.

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