Intelligence of the Irish, and Luck of the Germans :( World of Warships Nurnburg Cruiser

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World of Warships NEW Tier 6 German Cruiser Nurnberg
WOWS German Cruiser – Tier 6 Cruiser, Baron Has No Luck!

Thanks for watching!


  1. fuck….the nürnberg is an french ship….^^

  2. you’re over penning them :/

  3. Some people realy don’t understand the angles that their shells have at
    diffrent distances. Observer your shells … you cant expect to penetrate
    the citadels of enemy cruisers at medium to medium-long range unless you
    have high caliebr guns(BB sizes).

    You either go LONG range Plunging penetrations … or short to medium range
    regular belt penetrations. But in that magical zone where your shells hit
    at akward angles you fire HE. Every ship has its own guns. Observe the
    firing arc and be amazed how much easier the game gets.

  4. Baron just a tip I speak Japanese ok like enough to have a conversation and
    Aoba is said Ow-Ba, if anyone is Japanese I’m open to corrections but I’m
    pretty sure that’s correct


  6. war thunder pls

  7. I got the Königsberg 32 minutes before the event ended.

  8. Baron the nearly man up looool

  9. 🙁
    that AA Guns tho

  10. AP shells are fine but shooting it on furutaka from that range is futile
    mostly alyways

  11. Trucks Only ladies and gentleman!

  12. Do the PZ. IV C the baby derpie

  13. More yamato or fuso plz tks

  14. PeanutButterGoodness

    So I grabbed this game because of BVG’s videos and I’m loving it to death,
    but I’m curious how you get the German and Russian ships. Are they part of
    a closed beta or something?

  15. “Nurnburg” omg… How unprofessional xD

  16. great video

  17. I thumbed up the video because of the title.

  18. the feel is real m8 ?

  19. i can’t wait for the polish blyskawica tier 6 destroyer and the soviet
    imperator Nikolai 1 tier 4 cruiser

  20. Just because you got no kills, does not mean you have no skills…
    You did your job, your team won, good work m8 :)

  21. The guns seem like they would be great but something is very off. I get the
    low HE damage. If they fire that flat it could be argued that they are a
    lighter shell / less explosive but then why does the AP have such a high
    damage rating but really do so little. I understand the parody issues form
    the Devs POV and how they need to make ships different for player interest
    but this boat is well outclassed by tier to an alarming extent, same goes
    for the Ruski DD. That thing is near two tiers too high.
    Oddly enough though I’m thinking that the HE of this boat is closer to what
    it needs to be across all the ships so that they actually have to choose
    which shells to fire for good results.

  22. The Iron Cross!!!

  23. Baron I was playing with the stugg and got 14 kids and died because I ran
    out of ammo.

  24. I am pretty sure this video title is a slur on both the Irish and the
    Germans. As an Irishman I am extremely offended to be put in this group.
    Screw you man. Unsubbed.

  25. More Forest

  26. what time on moday will the new ships be added to the NA server does
    anybody know?

  27. lol fake ass flag baron go download the realism flag mod that gives u all
    the real flags from ww2

  28. Seriously? 153 hits and what 50K damage? For those that were paying
    attention it was 85 AP hits and only 1 citadel.

    Baron that isn’t your fault, that’s a broken ship.

  29. Also the AP doesn’t function properly, or at least not as good aa announced
    by WG

  30. The problem is not you Baron, it’s the hilariously low alpha damage with HE
    that goes with all German cruisers at the moment.

  31. I don’t like being able to not see the chat

  32. Hi Baron,
    i am from Germany XD

    man,so much unluck / Unglück with kills XD

    greetings from Germany,town Hamm(Westfalen)
    Jens ?

  33. The german cruisers all look disappointing so far. The guns do very little
    damage for some reason.

  34. Tier 2 german

  35. Fuckin hate being robbed of kills, wtb assists

  36. BaronVonAssist? More like BaronGonFifth

  37. ShadowKnightGaming

    will they ever add the USS Missouri when they do can you please do that
    ship in World of Warships?

  38. Does the tier 6 keep the same crapy guns 150mm like the tier 5? cause i
    played the tier 5 and the guns are garbage… Fast firing yes,accurate
    enough but crap damage and ap shells do nothing…And also no armor you
    have 50% to get 1 shoted by a battleship salvo..

  39. Baron, after testing the Koenigsberg on EU server I have noticed that KM AP
    shells tend to score citadels more often at close to medium ranges (less
    than 11km). It’s like you’ve entered the Citadel City. At long ranges it’s
    kinda meh with using the AP

  40. I’ve been looking forward to this line, but man, they just don’t seem to do
    well. I’ll still play them though, for something different and just because
    I will enjoy the ROF and look of these cruisers. Especially this tier 6.
    But I hope I can end up adapting to it well to do more damage than that in
    a game.

  41. Men of war Monday’ needs to come back! Who’s with me?!?

  42. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    7 Irish people disliked this video

  43. imm OLD GREG!

  44. I believe the new mexico has a 13.6 km range stock or near that range and
    upgraded it gets 14.9 km.

  45. Play the Yorck! Biggest cruiser guns!

  46. Za German cuizas don’t like you because you makes fun of ztheir acczents,

  47. Too bad RNGsus was busy Baron, I usually do good in ze german. My first
    game I had the opportunity to get in nice and cozy with some torpedus to
    the body of some juicy US battleships, we died gloriously, even the enemy

  48. “The definition of insanity is doing the same fucking thing over, and over,
    and over again expecting shit to change.” -Vaas

  49. ugh. Baron please try and use AP when appropriate and not HE.

  50. Shit ship

  51. Hey baron what kind of pic do you have because I wanna play wows but my pic
    doesn’t have the graphics card to run it.

  52. 8:40 min into world of warships and chill and he finally gets a citadel

  53. Ahhh Neptune’s Beard!

  54. Ist das dann Nürnberg auf Deutsch? bitte kein hate

  55. WW1 german cruisers vs WW2 ships…

  56. “Ah Neptune’s Beard”

  57. The german ships are completely useless

  58. Love you

  59. Baron it’s Karma for all those kills you have stolen :).

  60. If you will write ä/ö/ü
    ä= ae ö=oe ü=ue

  61. baronvontrolled

  62. Nurnburg? hm.. and I thought it would be Nürnberg .. silly me..

  63. Those guns are BAD.

  64. skills to pay the bills

  65. good video’s baron

  66. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    epic mate los keep uploading the Germán line

  67. Wait for the H44 german battleship

  68. How come there’s no Royal Navy? WTF!!!!!

  69. The ships engine sounds grreeaaat.

  70. Video is 17 minutes long, already comments. HMM.

  71. u r cool

  72. Ireland FTW

  73. When can I get my hands on these German cruisers?

  74. So I downloaded world of warships and there’s no Russian ships or

  75. Get Wyoming plz

  76. Baron


  78. Baron I’m pretty sure the Germans are the most intelligent, he’ll in ww2
    alone they invented the jet engine, assault rifle, and thermo vision

  79. Baron I’m Irish ????

  80. fourth comment awesome video baron


  82. Tally ho BaronVonDelicious!

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