Intense Back and Forth in Midway – World of Warships

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Very fun and close game where both sides take heavy loses as we come down to the wire. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Carrier Midway Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. *Approves in Protoss*

  2. When you’re so early you watch in 360p?

  3. I’ve been playing Ships since launch and wasn’t too bummed on the CV rework at first, but now it’s worn me down. Until WG limits CVs to one per match and improves their match making, I’ll be playing other games. Lately, most Ships matches have been one-sided blowouts and it’s just not as fun as it used to be.

  4. lol that moskva
    please :(“

  5. Frito Plays Games

    1 ship should not have so much impact on a game in my opinion.

  6. That Starcraft reference lmao. Nice one noster

  7. So nice you finally show that intense tier 8 carrier match against tier 10. Oh wait, its a midway…

    • I can show you heaps of which if you want ^^. Play the Lexi and also in the Tier 10 battle, with a little more effort, you have good results.

    • Any tier 8 sucks against tier 10, yet CV players constantly whine about this.

    • +Versus I’m definitely not crying with my Lexi xD if I have recent super unicum stats. That’s more likely to do with the bad CV-player’s, as I said I have no problems in Tier10 matchup. That’s exactly the point, why should I play the Midway with their “nerfed” torpedoes, if the Lexington still has their “normal” good ones. And the few more HP on the planes is not worth it to me, as I said no big problems for me xD

    • +Versus I am a dd main, but I play all classes and I try to play them equally. I have a lot tier 8s, only 2 tier 9s and only 1 tier 10.
      Tier 9 is Kitakaze and Missouri, Tier 10 is Shimakaze. So you see I prefer DDs over anything. And I can tell you when I play tier 8 against tier 10, no other class then CV is limited so much cause of MM. If you do not see it this way, then maybe you don’t have a lot of fights in CVs.

  8. It seems that Midway is working well without 4-4.
    How about Hakuryu?

  9. Beautiful end to the game, and a thorough lecture on how to play CV’s efficiently. Thanks Notser for the great content ?

  10. Midway needs to be left alone everyone that don’t play cvs are crying so freaking much and won’t stop crying till t1 ships shred t10 planes with AA

    • +Tom Yorke same thing a dd is good at annoying bbs and a yammy annoying everyone with shells that you can’t angle against or mino and groz AA is brokenly stupid that’s all a cv can do is the same thing as other ships which is too annoy lonely ships it’s the only viable strat atm I’m still playing cv not everyone has sold them yes I agree old era RTS was broken at moments but at least cvs were actually useful and now it’s only IJN that’s the most viable and versatile and they bring plenty just the tool kit they bring is limited so bad each branch has a special way of attacking certain ships spotting ect they are useful and the fact they annoy people proves they are still viable

    • +Brian Evans so you think its OK for a CV 30 secs into a game spot the whole team and then spot the dd and keep them spotted all match a dd is meant to push up its there job there is enough in the game they need to worry about i dont play dds but i see how much crap they have to deal with and old CVs where broken all the time man plus so what yours saying is it was and still is OK for CVs to annoy and piss off 95% of the player base but when the 5% that play CVs get mad and annoyed its not OK and WG should bend over for them and give them anything they want im sorry man but no CVs bring nothing to a match that other ships cant do they have no place in the game and WG regret it

    • +Tom Yorke your an idoit, how do you get through your day knowing you can’t put a single thought together. People sold there cv because the game changed. How cant you not see that. It went from rts to first person shooter.
      Wow what a genius, your about to tell us all how everything is op except what you use!

    • +Jerry Glaze haha wow I think you take this game a little to much to heart haha wow. Unless you can be civil don’t talk child ok 🙂

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Tom Yorke no theyre right you’re a jackass cry baby fuck your playstyle and island humping thank god dumb shit died its either meta or uninstall

  11. Also when is my midway legendary gonna be back

  12. Imperium Legio IX Gemina

    God please no ! No ! Noooooo

    Faking CVs !

  13. if CVs could only be top tier for easier balancing vs ships AA;
    there were only 1 CV per side in a game with AI if needed via airfields so AA always has a use in games;
    and the system were a hybrid of the Old and the New….. ?

  14. Glorious game to watch, and informative. Thanks Notser.

  15. John Angelo Tenorio

    I can’t believe we waited this long for a Protoss Carrier reference.

  16. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    I see a Protoss Carrier Quote.
    You’re a man of culture.

  17. I was scratching my head over your attack runs over DF but hey, you finished strong and really carried that one. Job well done, man!

  18. Carries are too fuggin op period

  19. two carriers in tier 5 6 7 what a joke. my ships cant compete

  20. Love your commentary Notser… By far my No. 1 goto YouTube channel for WoWS game play… You do a great job of explaining what you’re thinking.

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