INTENSE Finale and 7 Kills || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. That was awesome. That DD at the end though.

  2. First comment LOL.
    The first part of the meeting did not seem very interesting, quite normal if they ask me.
    But the epic came in the minute 12:04: LOL Jean Bart had his revenge against Massashusets.
    And then, LOL at minute 14: 18 = I think that enemy destroyer did not expect it, all that amount of enemy impacts.
    Battle between epic and exciting.

    • I saw those torpedoes and I was like “Gents, it has been an honor fighting with you, we gave our best efforts annnnnnnd…… Oh wait, let’s finish the Izumo real quick”

  3. Ausgesichtnet! (pitiful Ami comment)

  4. In yo face, mudda fudda!

  5. Best replay I’ve ever seen.. for real dude omg

  6. Never commented before now. That was an awesome show. He never throttled back his drive.

  7. Damar M Adiprawirotama

    Lol that jb player really really troll that izumo ?

    • Damar M Adiprawirotama

      +FullMetalChicken but that not happen ?

    • +Damar M Adiprawirotama These 15inch shell has serious penetration issue. Look at the salvo on the Mass(I literally held my fire for him to show side) and second salvo on the Colorado(not even 7K, wut?!?!). I was like, where were my citadel hits ?!?! So inconsistent. That DD totally threw the game away.

    • Damar M Adiprawirotama

      +FullMetalChicken yeah.. Maybe jb will get some fixing next update. Colorado still can penet your gun ?

    • +Damar M Adiprawirotama that Izumo got caught in the worst position possible. I think he ran around trying to kill our DD in A.

    • Damar M Adiprawirotama

      +FullMetalChicken don’t know.. Or maybe he wait u for little broadside

  8. that Z-46 seriously threw the match for the red team.

  9. i thailnd i love you Panzerknacker

  10. why dd showing in the last they alrdy win score to

  11. I made it~!

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