Iowa vs Yamato! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Good ol Spartan and his Iowa. Classic.

  2. The MM is broken and it’s hard to do videos lol

  3. Yamato firing HE…
    I HATE those teammates soo much!

  4. 3:09
    You just turned your Iowa into a glorified Adm.Graf Spee.

  5. Nice! I’ve had most consistent results vs Yamato in the Amagi. Wrecked one once with Alabama, but haven’t had so much luck with Iowa.

  6. I’ve been running Yamato all night around 8 times and every tile I just assumed there weren’t enough players online playing Yamato lol

  7. I fought quite a few of them but I can’t get a match with my Yamato to save my butt I sit in a query for freaking ever and never get one

  8. Spartan that was a huge paddling ive gone up against the Yamato in my Alabama with a destroyed turret I died but it was still fun

  9. I always kill an Iowa as a Yamato

    • Shows that the Iowa is broken compared to the Yamato. You can bounce shells off the Iowa Often which is funny. Don’t believe me? Try it and look at the your shell hits.

    • I wish that I recorded the battle I had when I was Yamato because I’ll killed the Iowa and Yamato and destroyer close to death

  10. GG. I wish punters would stop wishing for Legendary tiers, Yamato, Aircraft carriers, subs, weddings parties everything! Shhh. Xmas just finished but stores here are already selling hot cross buns for Easter lol. Have not played one single tier 7 lately, and will not until the madness finishes and moves on to another ill thought out rushed THING! The only bit I was interested in from Yamato was the sound of the guns… I heard them via CC vids such as your good self. Have a Sh*te load of tokens, if I could give them away I would. I don’t think the BLOKE firing HE was blissfully unaware of everything APART from the sound of the guns, unless he was experimenting like an over worked dev. Peas love and patience, Johnno Bloke.

  11. actually ran into you yesterday I murdered half your team, you got me coming around a rock as my team chased down your Yamato.

    • @Spartan Elite43 from my perspective you were bow tanking so no point in going for you, I killed the cruiser and battleship to your right, then focus the yamato and know it was a who shot first when i pushed you, that pesky destroyer lol, gg fella, I should have an xbox next weekend we should team up if your down for it.

    • @TheHive_Hound I’m definitely down for a division!

      I’m not gonna lie once I saw you and realized you had 2 DDs in your division I made a B line for you. I should have been wrecked by your friendly Iowa but he tunnel visioned as much as I did.

      Either way was a fun match went right down to the wire and has some great teaching moments

    • @Spartan Elite43 looking forward to it chief catch you soon, looking forward to seeing your vid on it. be kind to me hahaha

    • @TheHive_Hound lol I was gonna talk so much crap….. jk dont worry focus will be me potatoing

    • @Spartan Elite43 well you didnt push or sail broadside to me so you didnt make the same mistake your team did lol

  12. Azur lane HMS Monarch UwU

    Wow it still shows you even can cididel a Yamato because most Yamato’s think oh I’m a flipping teir whatever so I’m just gonna go broadside and litirly 2 citadels like oh my god ? great game btw

  13. Great match! My friend and I played a match with u Sunday the 19th, I’m he and I are PS4, it was cool as hell when I finally noticed u were right beside me! I fought as hard I could to help u out…but we lost??‍♂️. Sorry man

  14. 18 inches of doom sounds like an adult film. Also 3 minutes wait time, welcome to PC wait times during the week.

    • Lol yeah but only in the Yamato and only because the MM is broken as they are testing Yamato. Once the event is over things will return to normal

  15. 9:25 omg lmao

  16. Wait for it…. POW!!!! My favorite spartan line.

  17. Honestly kinda getting annoyed with the tier 7 matchmaking now. It’s so hard to get into a normal game.

    • Yeah but itll be over soon. At least until Legends tier comes out but I dont think itll mess with MM quite like this test has

  18. When you biffed that yammy my first thought was, ” you cheeky dickwaffle! ” great kill though! ?

    • LoL this could be the single greatest comment of 2020 so far! He got obliterated by 2 Iowas He took it from my team mate and then turned the other cheek for me!

  19. should have named this title “Iowa vs idiots” The way the Yamato broadsided you (and the enemy Iowa as well) and left themselves exposed to easy citadels should have received the “Potatoe of the year” award. 🙂

    • I don’t know that reward is up for grabs every single match! Most of the time they are on my team though!

    • @Spartan Elite43 Yeah LOL – I agree with you there…my change my SN to Spudseeker 🙂 . Still – good job hanging in there with only 2 turrets!

  20. That scene in Braveheart:


    • Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes! or Steady….. HOLD, Give to them Nothing, Take from them Everything!

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