IRIAN – NEW Pan Asia Premium Cruiser for 0.8.0 || World of Warships

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  1. 6:15, great torp beat!

  2. terrible tunnel vision at 6:30. that second DD that came through the center was air-spotted the whole time but you just ignored him until he was right on top of you. you deserved to die there, only his bad torp drop saved you

  3. Instead of new premiums… Can we just get the IJN Yudachi ?

  4. Honestly one of the worst plays I’ve seen

  5. That was extremely hard to watch

  6. Максим Малахов

    Пособие по тому, как весь бой шкериться, а потом разом выхватить такую пиzдюлину за весь бой!!!!! Короче отстой

  7. Hello Kutuzov

  8. The only ship I’ve ever gotten in a supercontainer (of which I’ve only opened about 30) was a Kutuzov. Wait this wasn’t a Kutuzov replay?

    Its actually a shittier version of a Kutuzov gameplay

  9. I dont think the cyrillic alphabet belongs in indonesian.

  10. มาเฮง มีรวย

    ซะงั้น กรรม

  11. Never underestimate your teammates ability to throw a win

  12. Indonesia hadir ??

  13. After all these whine commentaries, thx Pasch for showing the Irian.

    • Agreed.. Wonder if people don’t realise that this is not as much of the replay itself being showed, but actually the ship..
      Also, it really wasn’t that bad even if it was about the replay (unless you look at the team as a whole rather than the player), but that’s just me.

  14. for the crybabys ^^ : this replay show what you will get… i could play for an 200K behind the island camping or lucky deepwater torpedo run and tell you : LOOK the best ship in the game 😉

  15. Nice, I will be looking for this ship when the patch comes out.

  16. Irian barat boi, Trikora time

  17. You know what World of Warships needs? A realistic sound delay. See your shells hit the target and then hear your shells hit(or not, depending on how far away from the target you are)..

  18. Already got a ship and my thoughts about it:

    Its still a Kutuzov, with more 100 hp pool, less 2km main battery range, AA still the same. Her gimmicks are the DW torpedoes with an insane range and little close on speed and damage as from Kutuzov. I can say that her torpedoes are a big bonus, but they remove the smoke and replaced with the torpedo reload consumable..

    I played and tried my friend account’s Kutuzov as a support cruiser and always stick to any BB for the AA support, and for the smoke screen and rain HE shells across the map, which is boring sometimes. But with Irian and her big torpedoes assets, you can play this ship as a semi support- aggressor ship. It can hunt pitiful and pesky DDs, set up flanks and cause suppression , can head to head with any tier 8 BB and CL since her AP shells still made of Stalinium from Soviets and 1 barrage of 4 torpedoes hurts a lot. And even you can use as a lone wolf with no other AA supports. But of course, she is still a paper boat that can shred easily to any incoming shells.

    I was sad that I didnt get the Kutuzov in my main account during the Santa gifts,.But when I tried the 1st Lunar Bundle and got the ship, and its Perma LUNAR CAMO on the same bundle, damn I almost throw myself away from my PC

  19. Just a random Horse.

    One day they’ll do something original and stop throwing sister ships out as premiums on multiple tech trees… One day.

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