Is Marlborough Even A Tier 9? – World of Warships

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I really don’t like this ship. Completely reliant on rng and only interesting because it has 16 guns. Unfortunately these guns are worse than the Tier 7 King George.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I personally enjoy this ship. However, with its underwhelming armor, firing angle, and handling, you have to pay extra attention to your positioning. When it’s in the right situation, the DMG potential of this ship is superb.

  2. When i don’t see dockyard ships around, i normally just attribute them to being REALLY EXPENSIVE for f2p players, and paying players having more better options available (black friday, the doubloons coupon in the armoury, etc.)

    • The amazing thing is how many people continue to pay for these pieces of REALLY EXPENSIVE junk

    • I only paid 10 dollars for this ship, the rest I grinded out the stages. So I think it was worth the money

    • @Nathan Phan same. Not sure how people equate these with being really expensive when they are legit a fraction of the price as a normal premium if you just play the game

    • @Mr. N honestly, I would rather go this route when getting ships. Great for those with a limited budget, but have more time to play ( when I was in HS lol). The rewards from the stages themselves were worth more than 10 USD already, such as the flags, credits, TWO premium ships, and resources.

      I am a happy customer, tired, but happy.

    • @Nathan Phan yes, and also great captain XP grinders

  3. My opinions of the ships:

    puerto rico: Decent but infamous due to the event.
    Odin: Tricky but not bad, she is more of a large cruiser than battleship or even battlecruiser.
    Anchorage: just OK. Not bad, but not good either so just OK.
    Hizen: Boring, you are forced to stay in the back due to weak armour and bad AA.
    ZF-6: Pretty good, thanks to numerous gimmicks she has you can respond to many threats.
    D7P: Not bad, but not impressive. She does low damage but has trolly armour and strongest AA at her tier, even better than some tier 10 ships.
    Marlborough: Absolute crap. The only good thing the ship has is number of main guns.
    Atlantico: ?

    Again these are just my opinions, you’re free to agree or disagree, just be polite

  4. I played a few games in it, realized it was really a t7. So if I play it, I treat it like gollem and hide in the shadows and only pop up when the nasty little hobbits aren’t looking!

  5. Its honestly been really fun for me so far (even though its not strong at all, still a lot of fun for me)
    You just cant play it like your standard battleship.
    The only really big problem for me is the firing angles

  6. That last dockyard ship that I actually ground out was the Odin. Maybe Atlantico will be good, but so far they haven’t been all that worth it. The Repulse was all I really wanted for this dockyard and it’s a ton of fun.
    Edit: I also managed to citadel one of these that was angled bow in with my Alaska… that’s some rough armor for a tier 9.

    • The repulse is now my favorite tier 6 ship, that dispersion with speed is amazingly fun. armor is understandably meh, and that makes it balanced

  7. Benham wasn’t explicitly a dockyard ship but the best “earnable” event ship? Absolutely

  8. I think the burn is that you usually have to pay AND grind exp to get these ships (or just overpay). I feel the dock yard ships are hit and miss. I enjoy the ZF6 and Odin and don’t regret getting them. Adding tier 6 ships like Repulse also helps you get some nice rewards if you only want to grind part of the event.

  9. Wasn’t really thrilled with the D7P when I got it, but recently i played it quite often and enjoy her. The god tier AA reminds me of the old RTS days Atlanta and it’s a great ship to play when doing missions for setting fires, killing aircraft, ribbons and other general stuff. Playing her almost regularly now, even though I think she sacrifices on everything for those airstrikes i suck aiming with, unlike the wider tech tree airstrikes. Also those airstrike planes just evaporate very fast.
    I was quite hyped for the Anchorage and had only great games even at T10, but i don’t really enjoy playing her and have only played 4 battles so far. The range is low, the smoke firing penalty high. The New Orleans shells instead of Baltimore are very noticable and AA almost nonexistent. It’s simply underwhelming, and the smoke barely can be used with that range and 12km radars at T10 + radars are just way to common.

  10. When it was released, Odin was also not bad, and quite a lot of fun. Rather powercrept since then.

  11. I’ll agree with the dockyard ships being generally unfun to play compared to their straight up dubs / resource and even tech tree counterparts.

  12. Zf6 was probably the best dockyard ship in a while

  13. Just another YouTube account

    Personally I don’t mind the Marlborough, it’s a boat I like to mess around with (currently 3rd on NA with her.) However I do agree at times she leaves a lot to be desired, I’ll sometimes land a good amount of shells and get pens with a questionably low amount of damage. Her AP is virtually useless past 12km. What I try to do is utilize her ridiculous stealth and just harass ships and try to keep people from pushing. Her hull certainly is trash though, the joys of having a Vanguard hull. I have found however having Andrew Cunningham as a captain for this ship is great, 2 kills for an additional heal and a witherer for increased reload. At half HP and with witherer I’ve managed to get my reload down to around 15s.

  14. With my experience in her, I’ve found it’s all about quantity over quality when it comes to the guns. You want to position yourself in such a way that you can keep your guns firing as much as possible without taking too much return fire; a giant cruiser, if you will. And if the situation turns unfavorable, you have the concealment to disengage and reposition.

    I don’t think she’s particularly bad, she’s just very skill dependent and has a more passive role in battle. As you’ve stated before that you’re a big fan of consistent guns and reliable armor on your BBs, I can see why her playstyle doesn’t mesh well with you.

  15. For dockyard ships (those I have):
    Odin – supergreat brawling battlecruiser. Maybe new tech line will make it slightly obsolete, but there was never a better BB ships at T8 rankeds, conwoys etc. Better then both Bismarck and Tirpitz. Hydro+secondaries+torps+Lutjens is too much fun. I understand the low hp kinda 😀
    Anchorage – decent cruiser. Unique with its smoke and torps, but you cannot come too close (like with many Us cruisers). MM+2 sucks for it, though, a lot (but for which cruiser doesn´t)
    Hizen and ZF6 I don´t have
    D7P is unique with its 7 drops and with proper built commander and great AA I like the ship. Same problems with MM as Anchorage, though, because in T10 sniping meta this ship is not too great and I fin myself double uptiered quite often…

    Marlborough – have her- Not great, not terrible. I find her better with spamming HE then firing AP (with exception to pure broadsides). This ships is equivalent to carpet bombing of and area – you just aim and send 16 shells ever half a minute to an area with enemy ship. It is absolutely horrible to shoot kiting cruisers, it is decent to shoot oncoming targets or maneuvering ships in epicenter etc. You hardly miss all the shots due to sheer volume of shells and while I was forced to kite Petro in this thing while sniped from 24 km from Satsuma half the match, it´s wigglines saves you a lot and I burned that petro down in the end. It is definitely mid – long range ship and great for supporting a team, not too good at picking up kills due to trollable dispersion.

    Play Marlborough like a crossover between Conqueror and Colombo, downgraded to T9. Definitely not a worst thing to have, especially with unique commander on board.

    Dockyard ships are not OP, I agree. But they fit the game quite well and can be generally usefull and unique in a way. And that´s what I suppose they should be for.

  16. The only dockyard ship I got was ZF-6 and I play it sometimes in COOP to farm ribbons.

  17. I personally like the ship. I trimmed it to reload at 22sec at full health wit adrenalin rush. So at around 50% health i have reload of around 18 sec. Getting 16 shells out every 20 sec or so is quite good. High speed and staying mobile is the way i play. Maybe skill it differently. I do admit that its soft and does get zitas.

  18. I find that Marlborough benefits from a 60/40 usage of HE to AP personally. She’s a good fire starter, and the AP can do great against cruisers or BBs at close range.

  19. I was so close to getting this ship through dockyard and missed it by a couple of stages. The only other dockyard ship i got was the dutch ship in July. I can’t say that’s been fun to play at all too.

  20. I learned my lesson with the “wheezin” Hizen. Welcome to the club Potato. The only good dockyard ship was the PR..but that grind was TOO unreasonable for most folks…that’s been the only one. I do enjoy the Repulse however.

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