Is R. Lauria Worth Getting In 2024?

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  1. AGINCOURT ONE TAKE PLEASSEEEE PQ!!! It super strong at low tier and a surprisingly consistent battleship that i think you would enjoy very much if you gave it another chance.

    • Full secondary build too. It actually has the highest secondary dpm of any ship in the game (including the Schlieffen!).

    • @@bent404yes ofc you would go for anything else. And yes it does slightly edge out shliffen to have the best hitting dpm out of any ship olin the game which is crazy for a tier 5

    • Having literally zero AA is understandably a deal-breaker for a lot of people, especially with how prolific CVs have been at low tier with the recent addition of “support” carriers.

    • @@aristosachaion_ yeah, the AA is for ballanz. But a good support CV can smoke you up and just let your secondaries wail from both sides.

    • @@aristosachaion_ to be fair full AA build BBs won’t last any longer anyway

  2. Congrats on the 50k and I love playing this ship, I find it very tanky and the damage output is awesome…….Also I believe the guns have one of the lowest dispersion numbers at this tier for a BB its like 191 oh and PQ I believe the trolling is from the game in all BBs not the fault of the Lauria….

  3. Pretty sure the overpen damage from full pens comes from hitting secondaries or penning turrets. I remember a year ago I was in a Nelson facing an Atlantico, got off a beautiful broadside AP salvo with 6 hits, and only did a total of 9k damage due to mostly penning his secondaries.

    • yes, they only receive overpen damage when hit no matter what and no matter the saturation

    • ​@@snoboreddotcomtechnically AP can overpen them and deal pen damage if it hits and pens something behind it
      Through it only happens on ships that have secondaries below main deck

  4. @t.maximilianwaechter3208

    I’d love to see a similar series on the steel cruisers!

  5. Last night I was playing randoms with JB. I caught a jinan broadside to me at 6km, I shot first time and got 5 over pens, then I popped my reload boost and the next two salvos I got a lot of over pens 2 penetrations and not a single citadel. So, yes, this ship will be my first steel ship. Looking forward to shot sap on cruisers and actually get the damage I deserve.

    • @benjamingasaway9882

      When getting a special resource ship ask your self a question: dose this ship do something unique that is not really offered elsewhere in the line up the stronger the yes the better the argument for getting it.

  6. I love Lauria. Probably the least amount of effort needed as a bb player. I find it way easier to play than the likes of Thunderer, Bourgogne, Yamato etc. SAP is just, easy.

  7. @davidballantyne4492

    I might have missed it, but you do complain about “battleship dispersion” at one point, so it seems important to note Lauria has **battlecruiser** dispersion and also short fuse AP. This kinda review video should probably mention factors like that if you want them to help people pick ships.

  8. I played against you in that third game. I was in the Yoda. I didn’t expect you to come up on me that fast and I decided to send my torps your way instead of getting out of there. Totally though you where going to ending me being broadside to you! Was a fun game!

  9. I’ll definitely try to get this ship. I absolutely love colombo so I’ll probably like this one as well

  10. Module hits deal only 10% dmg
    So if you hit and pen main or secondary gun turret with SAP/HE it will give you pen worth only 10% dmg since they don’t get through it like AP

    With just 8 guns these hits might be more apparent

  11. @christiananzivino1802

    As an Italian ship main I will definitely be getting this first when I have the steel because it fuels my addiction to the spaghetti boats

  12. I’ve had the Lauria a month now and can’t stop playing it. It’s a really good as long as the RNG gods are on your side and the big SAP guns make it a lot of fun and pretty unique. Certainly the second best steel ship after the Bourgogne and she looks good too.

  13. PQ please use your CC connections to foward more events/missions at low tiers, played about 7 years and miss using silly British dd TIII Campbeltown. Lots of fun in low tiers too

  14. Hi PQ, thank You for your content. I like to watch it and learn some new things. Backing to the topic, I have BOURGONE as my first steel ship. Now I’m almost to get next one. I like much play battleships, so Mecklenburg or R.Lauria? 🙂

  15. Regarding expert loader, Sansonetti has the buffed skill, identical to the American captains. Even if Lauria doesn’t have the baked in she’ll switch buff of the tech line ships, the shell switch speed is insane when running that.

  16. Was waiting to pick up Incomp with the coupon when they released Lauria. It seemed like a no brainer since I had all but Incomp and Shiki. Sadly, new year has been crazy, so first games really today, in Brawls. Seems strong though. Good vid.

  17. been going back and forth about what to get next, this ship or the Mecklenburg. after seeing this clip i have decided to go for the Lauria.
    i already have 50 other high tier German secondary BBs, so this makes good sense.

  18. At the 5m potential damage game: The enemy pretty much never used HE for your angled ship, which is of course totally dumb. Every time I deal with the Lauria, I only use AP, when it goes broadside. Lauria and Petro are the ships, where HE is the tool to go with, when you play against them.

  19. @Peters2centsWorth

    Really enjoyed your breakdown on steel battleships – thanks(and prompted me to get Lauria)

  20. @waverleyjournalise5757

    I really enjoy Lauria. Had a fair few games and found it very easy to get used to. It’s reasonably accurate but the best thing is that a lot of people underestimate how strong it is and simultaneously don’t shoot it because they know it has strong armour. Additionally it’s fast and handles well, with excellent torpedo protection.

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