Is SAIPAN the best carrier in World of Warships Legends?

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0:00 Intro
1:47 Game 1
5:42 Game 2
9:30 Outro


  1. What ships are you researching in the bureau right now?

  2. Reaper_ Guardian_

    Why isnt the fire Chance 1% bigger

  3. Indominus Hunter

    Well, I must admit, you managed to make me gain interest in the Saipan. Basically, it did not interest me since I have already obtained the Kaga (and that I love it, both in terms of gameplay and historical aspect), but your video makes me say that it is worth it!
    That aside, two very good parts, and nice to watch! A pretty good video enjoyable to watch, keep it up!

  4. It’s definitely a contender for best CV. Also like you said it’s a really powerful ship at the hands of a skilled player. I expect her to get nerfed though, so we’ll have to wait and see how she fairs later on.

    • If she’s only good with high skill players is it really worth the nerf?

    • @Zayd Alshoushi They’ll nerf her because of the horde of bad players (who make up about 90% of the playerbase) complaining about her. It’s the whole reason why Weimar is getting nerfed by moving her up to Tier 7 as is (still think that’s the wrong move though, but at least WG is trying), because enough people complained about Weimar. The same will probably happen to Saipan when skilled players start steamrolling players with Saipan, which I’m not gonna lie I can’t wait to do lmao.

    • @Jo Me yea they will complain so hard that u can fly with just 4 aircrafts…..

    • @Mr Mataus We’re talking about why it got nerfed, regardless of skills needed, which is because of the numerous bad players complaining about the ship.

      IMO you need reading *skills* dude.

  5. My one gripe about Saipan is her airplane models are off: she should have Douglas AD-1 Skyraiders instead of Curtis SC2C Helldivers.

  6. You’re just amazing, i want to play aircraft now

  7. Still don’t understand their obsession with CVs recently like I get it it’s a new class but it’s also the most boring like Kaga’s the only one I can say that is somewhat unique and has a different play style than the others

  8. Trevor Connatser

    Interesting, nice to see wargaming is doing more with carriers, mixes up the gameplay a bit. Nice video as usual

  9. id love to get more powerful carriers but whenever i play a T7 cv battle my entire team dies in 3 minutes. I played 15 battles in my kaga since i got it, 13 were losses and i was top of the team 10 of the 13

  10. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    WG: *ignores Shokaku and how bad she is*
    Also WG: bring 2 strong premium carriers and a whole russian CV line
    And also WG: *still ignoring the Shokaku*

    • Curiosity Vault

      I needed Shokaku for Bureau to put on my Kaga project, so I was like, hmmm, ill buy her back because maybe she isn’t a sailing heap of junk now, took her out…..oh yea she’s still scrap metal.

  11. Im a new player to the game i have only played for 6 months and i already have alaska and almost have Yamato and G. Kurfurst

  12. A proud Baguette

    Ngl once this ship will be common my JB and US BBs are gonna be played a lot

    Poor Shokaku players though, Kaga is one of the strongest CV and they add one even stronger now, WG gotta be careful with their CVs, its not that bad but wait and see

  13. These videos are just getting better and better in quality GJ on editing and on gameplay as well you helped better my builds of ships By a good bit

  14. SovietIronBloodPanzer

    I still think the Soviets give a run for her money but she seems to make the soviets also run for their money, but my favorite carrier is Kaga for more of the history side.

  15. Julian Malsenido

    I was always between the saipan and the graf zeppelin but for all the videos and the secondary ones I chose to go for the graf zeppelin

  16. I enjoy always being blamed for cruisers sitting in the back when all I ever do is preach and do the opposite. Also, no such thing as an agile Mogami.

  17. She’s gonna get nerfed, but I think they should keep the planes as is. Nerf the number of planes on deck (she is (I believe) the smallest CV in game after all) and adjust the squadron size to four instead of six for the torp bombers.

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