Is Santa’s Big Bundle Worth It? Opening 40 World of Warships Santa’s Mega Gift Containers

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We purchased Santa’s Big Bundle and calculated if the Premium Ships we got would have been cheaper to get on their own. This doesn’t consider the rewards from the crates that did not drop ships!

Santa’s Big bundle cost: $194.89

Ships total: $201.19

Gorizia $35.20
Yahagi $17.20
Ark Royal $25.20
Lazo $33.20
Hill $15.00*
Lenin $45.20
Viribus Unitis $21.20
Marblehead Lima $8.99

*Ship not in premium store. Averaged the price of ships of same tier for estimate.

Play warships here:

Thanks for watching!


  1. I’m really doubting going for lots of big containers or go for fewer mega ones. And yeah, I feared those tier V drops. If you don’t have them you will soon haha

    • My clan is keeping a spreadsheet to see the odds for each level and also how much $/ship based on those odds. Not enough data yet to conclude anything

  2. very good video. not sure what santa crate sizes to go for yet but it seems interesting.

  3. Any idea when you might have enough data to judge Big verse Mega chances of getting more ships for your dollar?

  4. Ya, if you want to get any of the good ships then you got to spend enough to get all the shitty ships first. Its been the same way for the past 2 years. Sucks but that is the way that it goes.

  5. Odds so far (will update as clan members buy containers):

    $5 crates
    7 ships from 40 opened. 17.5% chance to get a ship. $28.57 per ship.

    $3 crates
    5 ships from 20 opened. 25% chance to get a ship. $12.00 per ship.

    $1 crates
    0 ships from 27 opened.

    • yeah. nobody should fall for this crap. and nobody needs these ships. you guys need steel, modules and captains. and here are some real numbers. 2×20 mega. 36 xflags, some coal and some money. and because people might feel fucked when they don’t get anything. wg will keep losing accounts.

  6. Looks like they are going give you all the low tier ships first before you can even hope to get the really good ones.

  7. Very debatable, especially that you are better off buying just the gorizia and completing the quests and get 4 ship as well, it is a more reliable option to me, since theres less rng and it is 6 times cheaper(in my local money of course)

  8. wasted 100 $ of my life! never going to buy game staff.

  9. Would you recommend getting the 20x mega crates bundle or the Santas big bundle with the Gorizia?

    • The Santa’s bundle because it comes with the 40 mega containers, which is worth the $200ish alone, then the Gorizia and a bunch of other stuff

    • If Gorizia is like the Zara, I don’t think you should go for the Big Bundle. I myself am thinking of getting the 20x Mega Crates despite being poor lol. I saved up for this.

    • The reason to get the Gorizia is to complete the directives for Puerto Rico faster plus unlock the missions that give you the T6 ships with the special camos.

    • @Panzernator Welp I just got the gorizia bundle, lets hope I get something good from those crates 😛

    • @Panzernator Puerto is also a mediocre cruiser I don’t think it is worth for extra grinding. Well it’s a matter of choice.

  10. I bought 20 Mega containers and got 2 * 2000 doubloons, 2×12500 coal, Marblehead, Murmansk, Le Terrible, Huanghe, 180days premium and rest were flags, I spent in my currency $101.99, after calculating the total for what i got it came out to about $193.08. didnt get my Missouri but still not too bad. I have a few premiums (JB, Georgia, Massachusetts, Atago, Leningrad, Tirpitz, Yubari, Mussashi and several other low-mid tiers)

  11. Server eu?

  12. Out of my 28 big ($3) containers I got 5 ships so far. Of course they’re all destroyers. I am a BB main. But hey more ships amirite

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