Is The Battle Pass Worth It? – World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Informative video, thank you. Rally looks like something I will just ignore. IMHO, if WG wanted to suck more cash out of the player base they would be better served by selling Premium Time PLUS that provides players the choice of playing matches with no CV’s or Subs. This feature is free when you play Clan Battles so why not?

  2. I typically don’t mind battle passes in games, but third super-premium tier is too much.

  3. I’ve gone from a super non-casual player to a moderately casual player over the last few patches. Subs, supershits/CVs, and now battle pass are pushing me further from this game. It is nothing but a cash grab, and my wallet is forever closed to WeeGee.

  4. Well done! I think BP structures can be great, but it appears Wargaming is also looking to increase senior manager bonuses as completing a line is a part-time job; thus, they want you to hit the “Accelerate Process” and pay.

  5. This feels like having a monthly Dockyard, even when there isn’t one going on…..

    • And you don’t even get a ship at the end, the rewards are very lack luster imo.

    • @Strangelove You do get a ship at level 50 though

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Strangelove Umm you do get a ship if you sign up for the premium.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      That’s basically what it is. Makes me wonder if they are going to reduce the dockyard events in frequency or enhance them in some other way. Also makes me wonder if a free premium is going to be a monthly thing or if it’s just a special item to kick the inaugural campaign off.

  6. I might actually consider the bonuses pass for a single time. I’m stacking my RP (currently at 10x) and once i finally take all of them at min. 20x i think it might be okay for the 5%.

  7. Must say I really appreciate these videos. I can’t be bothered trying to make sense out of WGs articles anymore. Always end up more confused after then I was before I started to read them. Instead, I just wait for your videos on all the new update notes and new mechanics and then I get it 100%.

  8. I play randoms in the evening to unwind, and you’re right; Winning when you’re on a team can be tough some nights. The first ‘missions’ are all very easy to get though so you’ll save time by quickly blasting through 2 or 3 co-ops first. Pref a premium with a 21pt on to make it worth it.
    Also, if you win but don’t get enough XP to get the reward, then quickly play a co-op to top up your score before you start on the next one

    • Yes co-op is a great friend on a rough day in warhips.

    • Co-ops are fairly well guaranteed XP, but I’d say you’ll save time with the randoms FIRST since you don’t need to win. First mission can probably co-op, second and third benefit from the higher base XP, and consider forming an operation group for easy base if you know them well

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Chris Schack exactly. You go to ranked or random first because wins don’t matter. You will pile up as much base XP in a loss in ranked as you do in a win in Co Op. Once the first 3 are knocked out then you switch to Co Op. It takes about 5 minutes per match in Co Op and it will take between 8 and 10 Co Ops to hit the daily total (total co op time spent 40 to 50 minutes average). The whole thing can be done in well under 2 hours. PQ doesn’t think this way because he never does co op.

  9. I don’t mind it per se, however, I’ve noticed I get WAAY fewer rewards for the new economic bonuses now.

  10. Great review PQ. Very much appreciated. Unfortunately, with the current state of the game, I just find I am playing less, regardless. I just really appreciate I was able to play this game during a time when it was better. Multiple mid-Tier games with two CVs and two subs each last night that all happen to focus your flank is a real enthusiasm killer. Further monetization will not change that for the better.

  11. Now we have a second Premium Account. Great. Exactly what we needed.
    More CV, more hybrid CVs, more submarines and now a seconda premium account.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      So instead of buying premium for $10, buy premium and 2500 doubloons for $17.99. Or just dump premium time and get the pass instead for the same price. I’ve never paid for a day of premium and I do just fine without it. I am for one am happy to see them coming up with a different monthly subscription style service as a source of revenue and I hope it is wildly successful because if they can make plenty of the income they need that way then maybe they won’t be so pressed to turn out stupid ass paper ships like hybrids.

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth Wishful thinking. Here is what really going to happen: several players will buy into this and into the hybrid paper ships+subs+superCVs. Realizing they can get away with anything, not only WG will keep doing all of these things, they will also find a way to screw up F2P to try and force them into also dumping money.

  12. The game is changing from “play the game the way you want to have fun” to “play the game to maximize gains”. Basically everything on offer changed towards full on grind and min-maxing. No my kind of fun.

    90% if what WG puts out these days I just ignore because it is not for me. The only people benefiting are either those that play the game to earn money (youtubers/streamers) or competitive players that play the game a lot to stay on top. All the rest are left with all grind and almost no fun.

    EDIT: Also do note the free BP is RNG heavy (all RNG boxes are in that tier) while the paid one has no RNG at all …

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Welcome to MMO video games. They are all pretty well built around mission grinding these days if you haven’t noticed.

  13. Thanks you for breaking this down for us, very clearly communicated. Saves me from making blunders with my $ and time. All the best PQ.

    This BP is one week longer then they will be, so definitely a week more than it will be. More time to free play your way to lvl50!

    This is also reflected by number of “extra weekly missions ” on that tab. On PTS there were 2, PQ has 5 due to longer starting era and usual length will be 4, so do your math

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Ooooooohhhh so they plan on doing future passes at only 4 weeks instead of 5???? Good to know.

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth Yes, each battle pass season is to be a one-update-span = 4 weeks. So yes, you might be able to accomplish this one for free with no big hassle, but the standard-length ones will be shorter.

      It also means there is no need for buying premium missions for many active players, while it will be significantly harder for many of them next update

  15. Honestly the way I look at the battle pass is if I get all of it done in the month I’ll likely buy the base premium pass to get the reward if it’s something I want. Otherwise I’m just going to ignore it’s there. That’s likely the best way to go about it, because I mean getting a T7 premium for 2500 doubloons is nice and all, but if it ends up being a bad ship that’s never going to get played it’s just going to fill space in the port.

  16. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    I noticed today that it still had the buy premium button and was wondering about whether you could simply wait until the end of the season to buy it. IF you are right about being able to do so I can’t imagine WG is going to keep it that way because Sunk Cost Fallacy is a rather lucrative way for them to make money. It also keeps people in the game grinding away. That’s why starter packs have been a thing with dockyard and why they sell at a discount to buying segments at the end separately… So my forecast is that if you can buy premium for the entire season right now that option will be removed within a few updates if not sooner.

    The daily missions are no different than they always have been so far as the requirements for completion. It’s always been a six mission set that is backloaded with higher XP and wins required. At least now you only have to start getting wins in the 4th mission instead of the third the way it was in the old system. The most economical way to run the last three dailies is in Co Op. You can run three Co Ops in the time it takes to run one Ranked or Random a win is virtually guaranteed and it generally takes 3 Co Ops to equal the base XP of one Random or Ranked match. Now if you can do math you would be saying but that means the time requirement is the same and that WOULD be true if it weren’t for the win requirement. Once that is factored in it’s more economical to run Co Ops for win requirement missions. My standard mode IF I am really grinding daily missions has always been the first two (now it will be three thankfully) missions play in Ranked or Random, the remaining win requirements done in a fast shooting light cruiser or DD. Doing it this way in the new system would be a maximum of one hour for the first three missions (time limit of 20 minutes), followed by 9 Co Ops at 5 minutes a piece for a grand total of one hour and 45 minutes of play time per day…. Which I realize is still a substantial investment of time for some people.

    Oh one final note. If you notice it says the season ends in 1 month and 4 days (1 month 3 days today I believe). That means there are actually 34 days to complete the entire mission chain not 30. So there will be 14 days (two weeks worth) of extra segments.

    As I’m planning on buying discounted Black ships this month and will be out of town for at least a week with limited game play time while I’m gone, and as I want to see how far up the chain I get playing in a fairly normal pattern for me I probably won’t sign up for premium this month. IF they plan on giving away a premium ship every month however it’s more than possible I might do so in the future. Even a special commander (like the 15 point Halsey I got from campaigns), giant pile of steel or research bureau points would probably be enough to tempt me to sign up at some point in the future. To be continued….

    One final thought… The cheapest premium tier 7 cruiser in the shop is $31 and is the rather ancient Indianapolis. So if you were going to spend $30+ on a premium ship and only get a port slot and a 3 point captain or spend $30 for the premium PLUS package and get a tier 7 cruiser plus everything else???? Well I guess that comes down to whether you think the ship available through battle pass is worth the money versus what’s on offer in the premium shop….

  17. For most people the new system doesn’t look so great. But for those of us that can only play once or twice a week for a few hours the deluxe battle pass is actually quite nice. The daily logins and missions to get my containers wasn’t good for my personal circumstances or for the people I play this game with. It was always funny hearing WoWS content creators talk about how it’s easy to grind the coal for a coal ship every few months. When it takes me almost a year because I don’t have time to login every day and play the game for a bit. So although it’s expensive and I won’t buy it every month, the deluxe pass is a boon to people like me who only play once or twice a week with friends for several hours straight. But for most people it’s a pretty raw deal from what I’ve seen and heard so far.

  18. The only reason I would purchase a battle pass would be if it gave you access to a surface ship only game mode.

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