Is The Tier 9 Any Better? – Adatara First Impressions

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  1. This line is a must avoid one. After two strong BB lines (Vincent and Louisiana) this is what we are getting

    • Speaking of strong I’ve never seen any player using Lousiana anymore, but I’m seeing St. Vincent left and right in random. I have both BBs in my port but for me St. Vincent is more flexible BB than Louisiana

  2. To me this just looks like standard IJN dispersion. Go and play Nagato for a bit, it´ll be the exact same experience were you bracket everything.
    Speaking of Nagato. If you want to nail the fact that the shells are the biggest weakpoint of this line just compare Yumihari with Nagato AP.

    • Exactly my thoughts. IJN BB dispersion is notoriously trolly and expecting perfect shots every time is ludicrous. To be honest, the T10 looks better in regards to how IJN BB standards go in the game.

    • PQ and most CC’s have been spoiled by ships like Thunderer and Vermont, or Schlieffen that basically play themselves with excellent dispersion or auto-damage.
      The average battleship shouldn’t be having dispersion that good, especially with cruiser concealment and all the overmatch in the world.

  3. Unfortunately the sigma doesn’t matter too much when the dispersion ellipse is terrible. The Yamato is allegedly an accurate BB but the salvos you get out of it…

  4. the best part about these ships seem to be their permanent camouflage

  5. WG got scared that these ships would be too much, even though they already made hundreds of batshit insane ships.

  6. The AP are like the Sun Yat Sen, large caliber without damage

  7. this new line got the good old vertical dispersion of german BBs

  8. Dispersion reminds me of Roma. Not of fan of these ships, and I haven’t even played them, yet. If that’s the way it’s going to be, you can’t wait for the perfect shot; it’s a “spray and pray” (that you hit something) kind of ship.

  9. Captain WorstPirateIveHeardOf

    I was so hyped for these. It’s a shame they’re performing like this. I’m happy to wait for this to hit the tech-tree full access

  10. the plane seems like it really buffs the vertical dispersion more than anything else, and the fact that the vertical dispersion is terrible really seems to make this a ship that wants to farm nose in ships with HE when the plane is down, but then switching to AP when they’re broadside at close range or against cruisers. Interesting how it has two completely different playstyles in one ship. I think I’ll be grinding these out.

  11. If you want cruiser dispersion, you have to play like a cruiser. Get that HE ready.

  12. Isnt Bismarck also an 8 gun bb? That should be the next ship review video and we take subtle jabs at the new Japanese bb line while reviewing it

  13. They should increase the shell alpha and pen while increasing the reload if it’s too much. The guns don’t feel like 457s, they feel like 406s with 30mm overmatch.

  14. I don’t understand, PQ seems to be consistently shooting low based on the location of the x mark on the minimap (particularly at the beginning of the video). Ofc there’s an element of the aiming bug, but recently it feels like he’s just not aiming as well as before. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

    • yea I noticed it too. And he tends to wait to long before shooting, so the target already turns out/in. Only lately though.

    • Yeah i thought the same after the Bungo videos, shot placement and timing were all over the place. Feels like he is pretty tilted and needs a break.

  15. Well they wanted ships that reminded players of the Kongo experience. They included the Tier 5 dispersion experience.

  16. Try the Bungo again HE spam early game, then push in and use AP mid/late game from close range

  17. Potato, I think you’re playing a game that doesn’t exist anymore. They’ve deliberately moved the game in a more arcade direction. You actually started getting some decent damage in there, when you stopped thirsting for those 1 in a million dev strikes.

  18. Moving on: the Tier VIII. Kinda debating whether to buy back Amagi.

  19. I would rather have all these ships with 16″ but decent guns than overmatch shotguns, that way at least they would feel fun and rewarding to play
    But oh well,who knows maybe in 1year (minimum) WG will decide to buff the line lol

  20. I’ll be honest, this is my experience of some of the main line ships. Everyone says how accurate Amagi is, but mine seems to be fitted with Italian guns, can’t hit a broadside cruiser at 12km with 10 shells. I feel like the accuracy has got worse as well, or at least less consistent over the course of the last few patches, maybe they;ve broken something in the spaghetti code without realising it?

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