Is USS Alabama the Best Battleship for Ranked Gameplay in World of Warships?

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I have switched to the Alabama in ranked gameplay I am going back! This Battleship is perfect for ranked gameplay and I outline why.

The round you are watching was a great clutch win using the Alabama. Watch to the end, its worth it!

Also in the video I go over the load out I use for the Alabama well as trends I’m seeing with other ships.

While you might not agree that the Alabama is the best for ranked, it is definitely up there.


  1. I would have used the spotterplane as soon as this Eding smoked up.

    • yeah he won because Eding and Tirp did misplay a bit 🙂 spotterplane and you can easily hit targets in smoke … its great for torp spotting, too … he got lucky, but it still made for an awesome replay to watch 🙂

    • He also could ve used it before. When his Benson Buddy was at A/B and the enemie Tirp rushed to C. Spotting the Tirp at there and the Beson could ve wrecked her.

  2. Was a great game but you did make 3 critical mistakes that almost cost you dearly. The first was deciding to not shoot that low HP Atago. You let him get away. The second was going through that gap when it was well known their NC was pointed nose in towards you. You could have been 1 shot there but the NC shot high and missed your broadside citadel. The last being when reversing from the Tirpitz. You basically ignored him for far too long and went looking elsewhere for the Edinburgh. Not sure what you were thinking there but holy shit, again, you are lucky the Tirpitz player was so bad.

    • Reversing wasn’t the problem against the Tirpitz. The problem was Zoup taking his guns off of the target. He had to wait over 30 seconds to get his guns back on target, while the Tirp was landing hits. He lost ~14,500 hp while his loaded guns were turning back toward the target. Some of that was a torp, but the rest was avoidable.

      Of course, it’s easy to say this while watching, instead of playing. I watch my own replays and wonder WTF I was thinking at times.

    • Honestly not shooting the atago was the correct decision as he switched to the low health DD. His mistake was not shooting the enemy dd which was about 1 hit away from sinking. imo from playing and watching the super unicums dds are the biggest contributor to winning matches with their spotting, torps and capping. Ultimately agree though 3 pretty bit mistakes. Also how he plays the Alamaba I just feel the NC would have been better all around of course can’t prove the last part.

    • I think Zoups problem is the same a lot of players have: Not supporting the team! and only going for personal gain! Which is fine in Random battle, but not in ranked 🙁
      He did nothing to support the team, and spend a lot of time not shooting because of bad positioning. It has nothing to do with “your just watching”. He should have supported the DDs, as they will get you the win. At about 4:30 he is even moving away from his position where he could have supported the DDs, and left the DD’s to fight 2BB’s and a cruiser moving in to them (they would have appreciated the help of their team!). And yes he had a good game as the enemy gave him the win, stopping broadside in front etc. But it doesn’t change the fact he did nothing to support the team, which makes me angry to see. I expected better from a player like him.

    • Another thing i noticed is that he could ve used his spotter Plane at some points.
      First there was the friendly Benson at A/B and the enemie Tirp rushing into C undetected, if he used the Plane to spot the Tirp the Benson could ve torped him.
      Then there was the NO, but im not sure, maybe if he used it there the NO would ve backed off.
      But nevermind, he made a great Carry ! Remember, if you win such a Match the enemie got to make Mistakes or its impossible !

    • He was extremely passive most of the match. Low rate of fire in a BB meant for most of the game, he had ample time to assess the situation. His positioning was good though, being passive in a BB is not something to always be critical of. Elementary errors when not under pressure though. That is something to try and work on. BBs need to be a force and a threat. Sitting back and letting your team take the heat and then pulling a carry at the end. Well, it’s questionable play for ranked. He could have been more active and still been fairly safe early on.

  3. I’ve been running Akizuki as a DD hunter and it has worked out pretty well so far, at least up to the 9 bracket. Haven’t seen too many of them, though.

  4. Михаил Серафимов

    Imo Tirpitz is better
    Ive got to 14th rank with only one loss…

    • Михаил Серафимов gj but tbh I started at rank 15 anyway .. the issue is main guns on both tirpdz bismark aren’t great unless your close US BB guns are more accurate especially at mid long ranges .. I’m sure late game German bbs start to shine with less ships it’s easier to push in brawl were they shine

    • Михаил Серафимов

      Simon Jones I usually focus cruisers so accuracy doesnt really matter…

    • Accuracy doesnt matter at shooting Cruisers !? If you reach R10 and above, there arent broadsiding Cruisers everywhere anymore. Then you ve got to catch them at rare moments like turns or Edinburghs smoking up. For that you need an accurate BB.
      Ger BBs troll Guns are nothing to rely on. Two overpens and the Broadside is gone, that hurts only you…
      Btw my NC dev striked 3 Cruisers in one Match, because she dont needs like 5 tries to get one.

  5. Top players will still take north carolina instead. Its just better than alabama in ranked purely from the guns.

    • Its a hard choice. I use the NC, cause i ve got no Bama.
      The turning and torp belt advantage she got is nothing to underestimate. Because you get torped alot in your bow-tank Position.
      But on the other side i had a Match where i dev Striked 3 Cruisers with my NC 😉

    • Kebobs 100% this. NC is better than Alabama.

    • I have a bama specced AA and use it when I see cv in queue. Otherwise I use my tank nor cal build. Torp belt of bama doesnt help the nose when you get torped

  6. The title of this video should be: This is how you Bama!

  7. omg so triggered when I saw you not shoot at that almost dead Atago or Benson… even if its a KS you need to kill those ships ASAP or else they will come back to bite your team like they did here

    • also when he shot a full broadside just when the island blocked all his shots…so bad.
      he really needs to improve and learn from these mistakes. i expect more from an experienced player.

    • I can understand the shot into the island. Nerves get the best of us all.

    • yea but he did several more serious mistakes…that was disappointing

    • I would have taken guns off the atago and gone for the benson but not shooting either I agree 100%. Also why I refer to it as kill secure not kill stealing, unless people are purposefully taking kills for a mission I don’t care. Taking guns out of the fight is always a good thing.

    • yea ignoring 2 easy 1 shots is a really bad idea…if u r loaded as a BB, not shooting is usually a really bad choice. he could have even shot once on atago then others at the benson, but he did nothing…

  8. just for information sake, I’d like to see in print both the captain and the module builds for your Alabama.

  9. Amagi squishy? lol wut? i sail amagi in ranked..if anything its the bismarcks and torpitz that are squishy at range not amagi. Amagi can destroy people at range with her railguns and bow tank just as well if not better than bama or NorCal. I’ve smacked NorCals and Bamas at range when they are showing full broadside..invincible they are not. Try sailing Amagi for a match or two Zoup..set her up for concealment,tankiness and accuracy…a roving amagi that pops up when you don’t expect her is very dangerous.

    • Yeah I have to say that Amagi has been treating me well. If you know and watch your angles it is very sturdy. Since you play more like a flank raider you don’t get torped as much and good situational awareness keeps the citadels away. The guns for me are much better than NC or Alabama. I am a better shot with the higher velocity shells and just click more with the constant movement unlike the bow tanking NC or Alabama. It also has fantastic torpedo protection and decent turtleback as well. I set her up the same as Yammy; concealment and fire prevention along with accuracy.

  10. Jammer68's World of Warships Gameplay

    i have been running mostly BBs in this round of Ranked. the BBs i have been running are the Tirpitz and the North Carolina. i haven’t been running my Bismark but 1-2 rounds as i prefer the Tirpitz for Ranked. i hit Rank 9 today after 6 consecutive wins. im right at 60% win rate with a 70% WR in my NC and a 65% or so WR in my Tirpitz. My Kagero and Benson are at 50% WR or so but with very few battles in them.
    i have faced off against Alabamas in ranked in both my NC and Tirpitz and have found them to be very tough ships to kill if the player knows how to play them.
    one of the main reasons i have been using the Tirpitz is that it has a very hard citadel to hit which makes it a hard target to kill. my biggest issue with it is that im used to playing very aggressively init and in ranked that means being focused on early and dying. i have not been nearly as aggressive in my NC as i normally have and thats what i believe has given me such a good WR in it.

  11. Torp reduction damage only matters on the sides. You still take full damage through the nose.
    The North Carolina is just better in every way but the extra credits gained.

  12. Great carry. At the end I was yelling “launch your plane, launch your plane!” 🙂

  13. Aleksandar Djordjevic

    Great carry. I wouldn’t have used repair for only one fire though.

  14. I’ve had some really good games this season in my NC

  15. Shokaku op in ranked, got a 85% W/R 😀

  16. Hey nice video! I totally agree with you about KIDD. I started playing ranked with it but I struggle a lot. You get focus fire continuoslly. When you smoke you have no way to detect enemies or incoming torps. I had a very hard liefe both VS a regular benson and VS Lo yang which has Hidro. So I started to use Chapaiev and I consider it very strong. Also because of it’s RADAR, but not only. HE is very good, rate of fire is excellent. Only problem is squishy so you have to be careful. I’m considering starting to use New Orleans, but I don’t know cause radar last longer but has short range. what do you think?

  17. Nope, that would be the NC of course.

  18. Great vid Zoup cheers fella

  19. must be nice to at least have a semi-competent team. most of these morons are utter garbage in ranked. especially carriers and battleships. fucking useless.

  20. So much misplay by the enemy, particularly the Tirpitz who kept showing its broadside. All he had to do was charge forward bow on and ram and they would’ve won. Nevermind the Edinburgh who also could’ve won simply by running, or by shooting at Zoup’s last location when he went into concealment, as all it would’ve taken was one hit to sink Zoup. Sorry, but this was just a lucky game for Zoup, the enemy threw away their win.

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