Is World of Warships a Good Free to Play MMO Right Now?

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Is World of Warships a Good Free to Play MMO Right Now? Is World of Warships worth playing is 2022. How good is WOWs as free to play and is it fun? I have played World of Warships for just about 3 years, this is my honest review of the game.

I primarily play Destroyers DDs and Battleship BBs although do enjoy rotating in to Cruiser and Carriers from time to time. I have not put much time in to submarines, but will soon to see if they are any good for me and the way I like to play.


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  1. restarted that game last year… but havent played last 6 months… because everytime i logged on i was still mad that i couldnt get my OLD account back (the one i had since the launch of the game, when having t6 ships was big thing! the account i had for so so so long with so much maxed out ships and end tier ships and prem ships from events and a huge amount of portslots 🙁
    so… the bad taste in mouth is still to strong eventhough the game is nice….
    so yeah i would still advice new players to play this game 😉

  2. What pushed me away from this game was the very toxic community. Worse was players would cuss at you AFTER the match and you can’t stop them from doing it.

    I also dislike the fact that they keep making paper or fantasy boats instead of historical ones, and devote little else to improving the gameplay.

    • Now if you report people they lose all credit for that battle. It has really cut down on the abusive behavior.

    • Call Sign: Enterprise

      I just completed a match where one player called me and a dd player a morons because we didn’t know that German bb’s had Hydro and we were in our smoke. I just reported him for unsportsmanlike conduct and didn’t engage in chat.

    • @Jimmy Olson You can do that? Like Reports actually have an effect now?

    • @Matthew Tencza They do. Its not a perfect system but there are actually choices when you right click them for what you are reporting.

    • @Call Sign: Enterprise I usually have the chat box off, though it doesn’t stop them from leaving a nasty message after the match.


    FFS I walked away from WeGreedy games especially because how the messed up WoWs which was great in early development but has been on a downward spiral since it was ‘released’.

    Listen to the CC’s and long term players, WeGreedy is already content milking the game while fixing mechanics which have been faulty/flawed for years is no where on their roadmap.

    I was an alpha tester, I was in the top 5% of games played during CBT ( you got rewarded for participation with higher skill captain and a free low tier premium I think ), I was a supertester for years and have 10k posts on the EU WoWs forum. They tried to assisinate my character because I was to ‘outspoken’ of the things wrong with not just the game but mostly with the company ( and the roadmap actual players at the time didn’t know about yet ), not that it matters because the only people who’s opinion I value know the truth.

    WoWs is NOT a game you should spend a single penny on, PERIOD. Want to play 4 free, sure why not. But WeGreedy DOES NOT deserve any monetary returns for ruining a great concept ( which they had a excellent head start with ).

  4. Wow. Lots of WoWS dislike going on. I was never that interested because I was under the impression that it was PvP only. You mentioned that there is/are modes that are PvE?

    Anyway, good on you for expanding your channel’s horizons.

  5. I just want say thank you to whoever gifted me a month of membership to this channel. I hope you see this. again, thank you

  6. This is a team game where success or failure is determined by teamwork. It will be fun in the beginning ONLY because your team is largely made up of bots and you fight against mirror bot teams.
    1. You have no control over what ships make up your team
    2. You have no control over where your teammates spawn on the map
    3. You have no control over the skill level of players who make up your team
    4. You have no control over the strategy your team will employ
    5. You have no control over whether you hit an enemy ship (dispersion)
    6. You have no control over the damage caused by a hit (saturation)
    7. You have no control over causing a fire (RNG)

    As you can see there is very little control over the elements that contribute to success and this is the reason so many players who have invested time and money are frustrated with this game.

  7. I was a WoWS player since Beta but I quit when Wargaming refused to pull their head of of their asses with regards to the Carrier rework and submarines. The game is a cash grab and nothing more now. Please don’t promote this shitty game.

  8. I played for years since the beta until about a year ago when they introduced submarines. Haven’t touched it since and switched to STO instead. Thinking about monetizing my WoWS account.

  9. Are we to expect more vids about this game? It’s not really my cup of tea but to each their own.

    • Most likely along with the same STO vids Ive been doing….

    • @MC Stu you mean same style of vids? Like suiteable for beginners?

      Reading back my initial reply my choice of words looked kinda harsh but wasn’t my intention.

    • @GiantDutchViking Yes I plan on doing the same kind of style of videos for that.

    • @MC Stu I hope you do. While there seems to be a vocal dislike of the game, we all know that people are more likely to speak out against something than in support of it.

      Personally I have little interest in WoWS. I’ve just noticed that your pace with STO vids has slowed down and I’m guessing that you need something else to focus on. I’m all for that and, I think the visuals of the WoWS game are pretty slick. I’ll tune in.

  10. ZillaRanger1 universel gamer

    Cool I wish I could git the Montana and Iowa witch I’m working on

  11. would be better if it had sto infinity token mechanics

  12. Played this before I played STO – WOULD NOT EVER PLAY IT AGAIN! Very Anti-PvE from staff and most players at least when I played (before Subs intro) Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You forgot to mention this but you can buy a tier 10 outright which would be through the resolute and rapid containers as they drop coal which can be exchanged for a t10 coal ship so if people want to whale for 1, well this is your ticket. Also some premium ships are outright busted hence they are removed(you know which ships I am talking about) and new players will definately see them. MM is also shit, new players will soon learn early that MM likes to pit low tiers to ships 2 tiers higher than them resulting in a painful death which they can’t do anything about, pit them against said removed ships or superships, or put them in a sub and carrier(even double sub and carrier) games ORRRR it can even put them in a battle with all 3 of these factors combined which like I said is a good way to make someone mad.

  14. how did your water looks so good?

  15. WoWS is fun! That may have something to do with my Navy career. I prefer WoT. Just a faster pace. Have a GR8 day folks! o7 See y’all out there.

  16. Film Monk Productions

    Man its good your doing videos but before i played STO i played this but left because the community and didn’t like pvp.

  17. game has a lot of mechanics and learn process with no usefull tutorial for a new player is overwhelming ( armor angling, overmatch,ap/he/sap, hydro and radar, what ship has what and how to counter) . atm it suffers from extreme monetisation ,sure you can start easy and boosted to your 1st Tier 10 ship but after that you need money to maintain ability to play( credit farming). you kinda need to watch alot of youtube videos to start to understand what does what, or you ll have a bad time been cussed from a toxic chat

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