Ishizuchi – 7 kill and 12 second reload || World of Warships

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  1. Seal clubbing at its finest… :/

  2. This is just wrong on so many levels.

  3. 20th like

  4. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    This guy literally puts “clubbing” in *sealclubbing*

  5. Wow!!!really PRO!

  6. Yamamoto for tier4?!wtf

  7. Mistake in reload

  8. This was worse than a game with a cheating enemy and a tremendous lag.

  9. Even better is put your Yamamoto with 19 points into the Tachibana….?

  10. This 10 gun / 5 barbette gun layout seems to have been incredibly popular with Japanese naval designers.
    Every paper Battlecruiser with increasing gun caliber seem to have this particular gun layout.
    Ishizuchi with 305mm guns
    The design A119 to A124 carried the same layout with 356mm guns (cool for Japanese Battle Cruiser tree Tier 6).
    Amagi, Ashitaka and Kii with 410mm guns.
    And design L with 460mm guns (hopefully a future T10 Battlecruiser)

  11. lol he struggles at seal clubbing… that guy does not kow how to play bbs although he has played over 7k battles… lol

    • Mike F or it’s a T4 match where we were just messing around and didn’t care about what happened

    • well yeah u got a point and i am sorry for not thinking about this possibility. but why would you put yamamoto on a ship you dont care about?

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