Ishizuchi Battleship Replay: Should you buy It? World of Warships

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Ishizuchi Premium IJN Battleship is 30% off this weekend for doubloons

Enjoy the Destruction.

How to enable replays

Replays can now be enabled with Aslains Modpack

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. The new ribbons confuse the hell out of me. In every video I see there’s a
    ribbon ‘salvo’ that doesn’t seem to match up with the damage shown =/

  2. It’s still a bugged ship. WG refuses to address the problem with the aiming
    or “ready to fire” indicator and the middle turret which will not fire when
    it aims at the lifeboat on either side. I’d be fine if the turret simply
    wouldn’t rotate past the lifeboat and would still give you an indicator ( )
    showing how far the ship would need to turn in order to bring all turrets
    to bear, but it’s bugged. I sold mine. Don’t buy it. Waste of time to
    purchase a bugged ship.

  3. The Analytical Towarzysz

    I think as a guest video, your misses should look at a replay. Don’t know
    why but I think that be hilarious and interesting.

  4. get your T5 Cruiser captain on this ship. problem solved…wait….still a
    shit ….

  5. YIKES,… I hope you n the misses are cool with each other…. =/ “Door
    slams with attitude”…I’d be like oh crap my life sux. Believe me, I’ve
    been there(ONCE)…If your not at their beck n call your a
    @#$%@#$%@%#$%#$%hole! But it’s ok when your in their way, then your a real
    @#$%@$#$%@$#$%hole! Just kiddin, based on how loud you laughed at her door
    shut, I’m sure she heard you and could have come back in blasting away at
    your manhood in front of us all. Alas, she didn’t so cool on her part.
    Enjoy your vids always. Thumbs up.

  6. Marty Rudd (Bad Wulf)

    Bad_Wulf approves. The spotting range being bigger than the gun range isn’t
    much of a factor in my opinion. It’s speed will close the distance on most
    anything it will see quickly except the Kongo. Plus the Ishizuchi gets
    special match making and never sees tier 6. This means smaller maps with
    more islands to help close the distance to within your range before they
    have a shot. And the dispersion is so bad at this tier it takes a lucky
    shot for someone to do anything serious to you from beyond your range.

  7. The spotting range being greater than the range of a ship’s guns is quite
    possibly one of the biggest dealbreakers for me. Being able to close some
    kilometers before opening fire without being seen is great but at minimum I
    want to be within range of anything that spotted me.

  8. Wife cameo confirmed! XD

  9. I hate to be that guy in comment section, but Ishizuchi ain’t that hard to
    say imo. Its just Ishi and then zuchi….pretty straight forward I think.
    But hell, Zucchini is pretty funny so who cares

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