It isnt Kill Stealing if You End on Top =) World of Warships

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  1. Nice Video!

  2. another player not using the daring’s AP

    • +Hexaion he fights DDs who are showing broadside @ 9.50, 10.40, and 10.50. Tier 9-Tier 10 RN DD AP is the same short fuse as the high tier RN cruisers and is very effective against DDs when it can penetrate. Stupid not to take advantage of it like this guy…

  3. nice video???????????

  4. End the madness bring me my German uboat hans load the torpedis target DD’s since the cruisers are to scared to move and support the sea tank battle wagon

  5. Food for thought jap vs lime dd fight to the death

  6. [IRNC] FauzanilhamN

    I NEED YOUR HELP WARGAMING TO BUFF THE DARING BECAUSE ME IJN DD do not approve British-owned hydroradar

  7. I haven’t seen killsteal here, he damaged heavily most of the targets

  8. I think I discovered a new play style 🙂

  9. It really bothers me this player did practically nothing about the caps.

  10. Single launch torps and would have been 10 kill

  11. Why does this gameplay seem so cheap?

  12. That is indeed a remarkable ammount of dakka.

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