It Took 5 YEARS to Add SUBMARINES to World of Warships but it WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

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It Took 5 YEARS to Add to World but it WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

Welcome back to World of Warships. It took the developers almost 5 years to implement this and my god was it worth it, it was so much fun diving under the surface and attempting to torpedo ships from the depths, I say attempt because I suck. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I hope you enjoy the 😀

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Bill/Born 2 Game/xBillTheGamer


  1. Commander Bacara


  2. I like the range of games you test and play.

  3. Keep it up 👍

  4. Really hoping Rockstar adds something like this an underwater/naval update to GTA Online or GTA 6! Been watching your vids since Division 2 and still watching for your solid opinions, observations, and play throughs on games 👍

  5. Chalky Von Kekian

    Submarine play is super boring but I’d be fine if they replaced Carriers with subs because Carriers are just sky cancer.

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  7. Can’t believe you didn’t hear me shout “watch out behind you” as the sub torpedoed you. Looks good fun must fire it back up again. 👍👍👍

  8. Enemy subs CAN torpedo your sub.

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