Italeri World of Warships USS Essex 1:700 scale

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A short and simple build log of my recent ’s in 1:700 scale.


  1. Great job, especially on such shabby kit. I have uss wisconsin made at around same time with same issues. Details are great for scale, but model requires vice and hammer to put together. On these Iowa’s lower hull is 1mm wider and 3mm longer than upper, and there is sink in plastic along length of deck on upper hull. At least it seem you do not have those being 3 part instead 2.

  2. Really nice result. Cool build

  3. I figure if you build it again scrap the kit 40mm guns for aftermarket 40mm guns in Resin as those are a bit more accurate. And get the seperate Trumpeter aircraft sets that are molded in clear plastic so you can have clear canopies.

  4. very nicely done

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