ITALIA HYPE – Cruiser ZARA – first full gameplay – WIP – PTS – World of Warships

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  1. Like tank with AP, APCR ammo?? :V

  2. what is up with that 22-sec smoke screen, such a long reload time on the guns, only 8 shells going out, and no fires? That’s a low DPM ship. You might as well go with the myoko or the algerie.

    • Gephoenix110 its a full speed smoke… and you’re really gonna complain about the reload time of it? You’re not a Brit cruiser, you’re not meant to sit in it, it’s a means of escape, nothing more.

    • It’s a cover a smoke and as for dpm it’s meant to be higher alpha as it doesn’t use HE shells using SAP and AP rounds with excellent shell velocity

  3. Funny seeing the velocity of the rounds and then you see the torps come out like a horse drawn carriage. ?

  4. Oh cool it has nerf guns

  5. The Zara class of Italian cruisers were one of the most beautiful warships built

  6. So this seems kind of weak to me. Looking at this comparing them to Russian cruisers, they have similar effective alpha vs Russian HE, mainly because the Russians have 4 more guns… but the Russians fire faster and have fire chance, and better range…

  7. Sorry to say it didn’t appear you were playing your best. Is this the first game you played in it?

  8. I don’t Understand, Is a AP Wich Give HE Damage, and Do Not Set Fires?

  9. seems like you need IFHE to bring the full potential of that SAP

  10. Did they change the sunk icon in the killfeed ? Or is this a mod ?

  11. Kind of a bad example game.  NO DDs and only 4 surface ships.

  12. So SAP is basicly HE without fires but high alpha? Or how is it. Im so Confused

  13. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b


  14. Нука-нука! сразу лайк теперь посмотрим

  15. What is the role of these ship? Anti cruiser?

  16. Mediocre cruiser with a fancy smoke.

  17. The French DDs should have this type of smoke. It seems like it would fit the play style of them perfectly and maybe make them a little more forgiving.

  18. Who on earth grinded 40 lines in one day

  19. Precise, weak and slow loading guns, slow torps, no fires. I don’t like it.

  20. The Red and White Stripes are Missing
    on the Deck

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