Italian Battleships: How to Play

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Italian battleships Dante Alighieri, Conte di Cavour, Andrea Doria, Francesco Caracciolo, Vittorio Veneto, Lepanto, and Cristoforo Colombo are now available for everyone to research.
Decent maneuverability and armor coupled with low accuracy and short firing ranges define the Italian battleships’ gameplay—they are medium- and close-range fighters.


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website:

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. Mario GalaxyGames

    Finally an Italian ship tutorial
    I Doubt it will be any helpful for me

  2. 0:12 my dude really speaks spaghetti

  3. Fuso cannot leave chat…..

  4. “modest accuracy” : completely misses kuma from 4.5 km away

    • Actually I regulary get sniped by Lepanto and Colambo from 19km for 20k SAP salvos…idk how, but I cant hit shit with those things, but those glitchers can…

  5. don’t you ever try to pronounce foreign names.. ever.. again.

  6. Lethargic Moonshifter

    They are not even trying to pronounce the names in an accurate manner…

  7. Fun Fact:The name Andrea Doria also used for an Ocean Liner that became the pride of Italy after the war ended and sadly sank that ended the ocean liner company

  8. Deltawarship Delta

    Fuso got bullied again 🙁

  9. SAP = Seldom Accurate Projectiles

  10. TBH you can reduce this video down to just this… ‘Load SAP and pray you have good dispersion’ that just about sums up the line.

  11. “A Record Breaking 16 guns!”
    Lyon: Am I a joke to you?

  12. PrzeklętePierogi

    4:50 it’s so funny how WG started contradicing themselves here

  13. “Italians BB are Efective in Close and Medium Ranges”

    in a Game that it last biggest Update crippled Most of the Close and Medium Range Gameplays in favor of the Overuse of Sniping at the edge of the map

  14. Level 98 Bear Hunting Armor

    I remember when I thought that the Italian BBs were going to actually be able to deal with DDs with SAP

  15. How to play Italian Battleships? well, you just don’t!

  16. Kremlin: hooh are you challenging me and Kuznetsov in CQC?

  17. I remember when I thought Italian BBs were going to actually be good…

  18. Fuso: Can i go home already

  19. “record-breaking 16 guns”
    Lyon: Aren’t you forgetting something?

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