Italian Cruisers: How To | World of Warships

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We are sorry ?: Starting from Tier VI Italian cruisers have 203 mm guns.

Italian cruisers are set to join the World of Warships fleet very soon. The ships of the Italian branch have a number of advantages that can surprise your rivals and help you find a way out of almost any situation.
We’ll tell you about gameplay features of each of these steel giants. How to play?

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  1. These ships need substantial buffs, the SAP one announced one week ago is *not* enough! Give them a Main Battery Reload Booster as their damage is pitiful, the only strength they should have!
    EDIT: just noticed how the video says SAP can’t ricochet until 80 degrees, that’s false! They can at 70! So bring the assured angle back to 80!

    • @Glupi Medo or better yet, buff the reload outright. I hate gimmicks like the reload booster.

    • @Dark Sigge that would make them basically the same as all cruisers, plus too good vs DDs

    • @TomsonPRoDuctions so we cant defend agest DD ore planes, so then it is point less to even play play them den, becos thare AA sucks and a look a DD the dd smoke up and he kan He spam me intel i die.

    • the T10 still with the pre-nerf SAP so it is 80
      p.s.: so you need get on the T10 one to get a good ship

    • Odd how a ship “designed” to counter DD with SAP has terrible concealment and no hydro isn’t it! Nice work WG…

  2. Who’s here after watching Yuro’s How to Roma (pineapple on pizza)?

  3. How to Pizza de Pasta:
    1. You don’t.

  4. change the horrible reload on guns and maybe it would be playable – for now its worst in game for every tier :/

    • Not at Tier VII. 😉

    • That’s simply not true. Especially for T8-10. They aren’t the best, but not bad either. What is true tho: They’re among the most difficult to play in any tier.

    • @Phil Ley You wrote ‘frustrating’ wrong there 😉 When you have do work harder and constantly try to do 110% the work you normally do to get the same result they word you’re looking for is ‘frustrating’ not ‘difficult’ 😛

  5. How to play italian cruisers? You dont

  6. “Starting from Tier 5, Italian cruisers have 203mm guns”. While this is true of the premium T5 cruiser Genova, it is NOT true of the researchable ships; Raimondo Montecuccoli (T5) has 152mm main armament. The tech-tree 203mm guns do not start until Tier 6. I know your statement is technically correct, but some might see it as misleading.

    I do believe the Montecuccoli could do with 1 to 2 seconds quicker reload time.

    • For 152mm guns? She needs a hell of a lot more than just 2 seconds shaved off her reload. Either more range or a *lot* more DPS. Konigsberg outreaches Monte, out DPM’s Monte and still somehow manages to be tankier than Monte.

    • I was looking for this comment reguarding the tech tree tier V only having 152s. I do agree the Monte could use a reload buff of just a couple seconds. I think wargaming wants long reload to be a flavor of the Italians and I’m fine with that as long as the salvos arn’t too underwhelming.I don’t think it’s unreasonable to take the reload to say 12.5 seconds from its current 14.3? But I don’t make the decisions.

  7. This video would have been perfect for April Fool’s Day. The line is HORRIBLE! Italian players should be offended at this line.

    • @TomsonPRoDuctions Nah not super rushed, the SAP in the test server before the nerf was so freakng awesome…. they nerfed to the ground and trust me, tey gonna add a prenerf SAP to a premium soviet ship

    • @TomsonPRoDuctions While most of the BB’s are indeed fake or paper ships, some of them did actually exist, like the Gangut and the Imperator Nikolai.

      Now what about paper ships, most people complain and scream about how the russian line is so fake because of all of its ships that never existed, i don’t hear ya’ll complaining about Montana or Zao so ill listen until you think about what you are complaining about.
      An example of a ship that was a paper ship and actually was being built but cancelled was the Sovetsky Soyuz, A Soviet Battleship with 406mm guns and they even got to the testing of the guns.

      Just look around on google and you’ll see the facts about the Russian paper ships.

      Don’t just assume they are glorifying the Russian line, never assume things like that.

    • I am well aware. But we’ve never ever seen an entire Branch where 89% of it rusted into dockyards or didn’t even reach the laying down phase (and with Borodino coming the percentage will be even higher).

      Out of all nine ships only *ONE*, the T4 Gangut, actually went at sea. One. Out of Nine. Think about it, that’s not the same.
      I’m not against paper ships, otherwise Yamato and Iowa would be the only T10-9 BBs, but this entire Soviet thing is just stupid.

    • im not even Italian and IM offended by the line

  8. Just avoid Italian ship at the moment, WG made them bad

  9. As an italian I’m offended by those “ships”

  10. So to conclude:

    – Reload is horrible
    – Ricochet angles are horrible
    – Usable DPM is horrible
    – Tech tree ships at T5 have 152mm guns not 203mm
    – Genova is garbage, worst ship in the game.

    WG response to the abysmal issues with the ships…. “git gud” ?

    I really like the idea and playstyle, they just simply are not good enough to even compete

  11. woow you can absolutely dominate the enemies with those ships….

    ….in Co-op lol

  12. Ymir the Primordial

    How to play Italian Cruisers: Throw a few AP rounds at them and enjoy the citadel ribbons.

    Oh, you meant how to play AS Italian Cruisers? Why would you want to do that?

  13. Giulio Cesare: best pizza
    Roma: good pizza
    Italian premium cruisers: average pizza
    Italian cruisers and Genova: pizza with pineapple

  14. ANyone notcied that they are ONLY against bots in this video?…

  15. Italian Cruisers: How To – play the Smolensk until they’re buffed out of hot garbage tier

  16. Can’t start fires, no armor, no radar, no hydro, crappy concealment, long reload… Am I missing something? What was it that was supposed to have made these good?

  17. The short answer to “Italian Cruiser: How To, is Don’t play them. The Italian Navy, AKA the ships that got shafted by Russian Bias.

  18. They need a concealment buff! How should we get close to an enemy, hit him hard and run away, when you’re spotted from the moon?

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