ITS BEAUTIFUL in World of Warships

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Bruh, who designed some of these ships? 🍑🥵 Stay tuned to Derka for all your World of Warships and World of Warships Legends short and videos.

If you’re new to the game, use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


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  1. All of the Littorio class battleships look so clean

  2. @haydenbartling5126

    Can confirm that is what goes down in the bismarck before every match

  3. @firedragon_eye2640

    Maybe Yamato over kongo

  4. @Defaultuserprofile

    I think Venice is looking far better

  5. Day 9, you already know derka.

  6. @captainwarhead5626

    For UK I’d of said vanguard personally

  7. Me personally it would be Baltimore, Atago, Monarch, Eugen, Richelieu, Veneto, Halland, Sejong.

  8. @ahmedtahabuyuk1025

    Friesland is the best looking eu ship without a doubt

  9. I‘d take Bourgogne over Richie

  10. @christofferahnstedt3847

    I’ve always liked the look of most Italian cruisers and BB:s. Siegfried is also up there among the most beautiful ships in the game imo.

    Most ugly? Maybe Zieten?😄

  11. For Italy the Roma is the best looking in my opinion

  12. Hood for brittish….kongo’s predcessor nagato😍

  13. @trevorconnatser6161

    Definitely do more content like this, you’ll 100% expand your audience

  14. French ships are definitely the best looking

  15. My favorite cruiser in the game is truly beautiful. Please wargaming bring Jinan this year I need her.

  16. Maybe im weird but: USA: Kansas, Japan: Kaga, UK: Nelson, Germany: Gneisenau, Italy: Lepanto, Russia: Pobeda, Pan assian: Loyang, Euro: Smalland

  17. @a.b.fbima23LEGEND

    IOWA CLASS In Modern Warship be like: 🙂

  18. Riga over Stalingrad is crazy

  19. The ussr should be the sovetsky soyuz

  20. Nah my Ohio for the US, a toss-up between Yami and Yoshino in the land of the rising sun, HMS Lion for the UK, you can never go wrong with Bismarck but I’m partial to Schlieffen, Stalingrad for the comrades, Bourgogne for Germany’s favorite territory during a world war, Colombo for pizza people, and everything else I agree with.

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