It’s been a while old friend – World of Warships

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I can’t remember when was the last time I played one of my fav ships in the game. The one and only Minotaur. It was and probably still is one of the best and craziest tier 10 ships.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Mino+no fun police=A good time😂

  2. I haven’t played ships in forever, but the Mino is the only ship I have only good memories of. Every other ship i liked to play had some aspect I didn’t like. Mino was the only one I liked unconditionally

  3. My lord Cap doing his voice work XD

  4. Me: about to do something productive
    Flambass: hold your horses

  5. Mino is still a fun ship to play from time to time

  6. That’s it I’m gonna play mino like austin.

  7. Flambass’ subscription messages have to be the worst jokes on at least two and potentially three continents. Hands down.

  8. Personally im not bothered when someone ‘steals’ my kills, as long as we win in the end lol

  9. ‘Should be a win’ is a way of telling you hope the rest of the team keeps it together, I say it and know that having TOO much enthusiasm can bite us on the rudder, LOL.

  10. It was the lucky day of that Smolensk it seems.
    But it’s always nice, great for him.

  11. Finally a Mino game from HANS

  12. The chat in the beginning is hilarious “daddy flambass!” 😀

    And the Venezia in the end is something special indeed

    • He actually could have won with a few good salvos. Full hp possibly with all his smoke but choose to run. He’s not just special he’s pathetic.

    • @Therealox Cooper exactly. Like few hp smolensk and pr etc. Only yama would be a problem, but smoke+torps is a powerfull combo on Venezia

  13. Droid Motorola 388

    Oh I thought this was one of his old videos I was getting recommended recently.

    As a Neptune main am pleased.

  14. No CVs…

    Radar Mino: HEHE BOI

  15. Im not more than 3 seconds into this vid, week off, cheeky voddie, Flambino and the Minotaur!
    I swear if i had a tail it would be wagging!!x

  16. Lol that chat xD “nah good luck to us you have special mino” “ah flambass”

  17. The game chat started off wholesome but there’s always that sour player

  18. I love my Mino.. absolute best ship in the game.. for those of us that know how to play it right 🙂

    There is no such thing as a non-fun game in a mino, even when the fun police are there (cv’s)

  19. Today is literally the day I got the Mino as my first T10 🙂 Funny timing.

  20. christmas event snowflakes may be the last time you played mino

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