It’s Good To Be Back In a GREAT SHIP – World of Warships

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After a looooong time of grinding stats on every ship in the game I wasn’t happy with or never played, it was really good to be back in a ship that is actually good.

Good old Des Moines rarely fails to deliver. The game itself might be bad but at least this ship still is not.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Bro that ship is crazy

  2. Yes! DM again! So long since I saw you playing it! Always fun to watch.

  3. Hope WG follow Lesta and start buffing old ships.

  4. one of my favourite ships next to yama

  5. 15:11 How could he dodge those torpedos and being pinged? 6:56 Nice move, that’s how the proffesional do. Great DM game.

    • Subs’ torps can be dodged even when you are pinged. Subs’ torps stop homing in on the target when they reach a certain distance from it, depending on the targeted ship’s class. So if you move slowly enough and be careful with your rudder you can dodge subs’ homing torps. Ofc this will make you a sitting duck for the rest of the enemy team but, you know, WG doing WG stuff

    • Κωνσταντίνος Ντόβας

      ​@Stefano Crosazzoand legendary DM doing better

    • That’s pretty normal – pinged torps are quite easy to dodge at that angle in anything that has actual steering.

    • @Volkier Neigh I guess Legendary mod for DM is quite helpful at dodging.

    • @Jurij Soklič Keep in mind the LegMod had been nerfed a while back. It was literally twice as good as it is now. Just to put that into perspective. Quite a few people, who main the Des Moines, pretty much said it may as well be a Tier 11 ship with the OG LegMod.

  6. DM is the wet dream of a cruiser captain. And I wouldn’t believe it before I got her myself.

  7. There is no ship that you play better. Period.

  8. @Flambass I had to put on my own shades the second you exposed your incredibly white legs at the end! You literally blinded me hahaha 😎 Anyways, what a sweet, sweet DM game. Well done sir, keep on truckin’ 🚚

  9. DM always do the job !

  10. Wait what? How TF did you do that and look all the way around the island?! 6:58

  11. alessandro bettelli

    The moment i saw the title of the video, i knew it was going to be a DM video. Wonderful ship, happy to see you flambass enjoing it. love it

  12. Well done Flambass you have succeeded in a massive undertaking with all your ships . I wouldn’t have the patience and I have half the ships you do.

  13. DM is absolutly the best and funnyiest ship to play.

  14. Boke Flying Simulations

    there’s DM gameplay, there’s an instant like.

  15. DM in a top tier game without a CV…. joy. Pure joy!!!

  16. Good game Flambass!! Fun watch

  17. 6:56 – how did you do that? Is this a new feature to look around the corner? That was awesome!!
    Edit: OK, L-Ctrl + L-Shift + Backspace, will try that, thank you Flambino mio 🤩

  18. What an absolute master class! His situational awareness and skill with this ship is a joy to watch! Looks like the propulsion upgrade is worth-it so im definitely gonna go for it on my DM! Would be interesting to see how he’s configured his DM’s modules and commander skills. Anyway, epic game and please Flambass we need a more regular dose of DM uploads! Chrz

  19. Jingles shows a TOG video and you do Des Moines.

  20. Gerhard Von Schiffe

    Bringing joy and smiles to those who are watching you. Thanks Flambino for this late summer gift 🙂

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