It’s Just a Flesh Wound! – World of Warships

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Played with my Legendary equipped Conqueror, game turned out to be awesome how close it was all the way to the very end. Hope you have a wonderful day I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. show some lower tier ships. please dont upload Conqueror videos. i mean whats the point? even a trained monkey can play this

    • To be fair, in the spirit of inclusion, it is good that there is a ship for trained monkeys to play. And, oh boy, do they play it.

      But I agree, mid-tier needs to get more coverage. Even if it isnt a 200k game, they should have more coverage.

    • nothing wrong with the way Conqueror plays,It’s the players…but anyway Your ‘trained monkies’ have new easymode BB’s now. So maybe the haters can change their focus to something that actually deserves it 😛

  2. lol the NC played his game as far as he could, he ‘s not good 😉

  3. “we are frieands 🙂 – awsome!”
    epic chat 😉

  4. “We’re alive and we’re not dead.”

  5. Thanks this is really helping me with trying to come up with strategies to win world warships games

  6. Notser you have been describing the need to for a defensive retreat when overwhelmed on the enemy primary flank several vids now. The best real example it reminds me of is the naval Battle of the Komandorski Islands in the Aleutians WW2. The U.S. ships used a strategic retirement to mitigate damage, escape superior forces, and turn back the Japanese force from its mission. A perfect real example of the value of strategic retirement. Very entertaining video, great work.

  7. It’s going to go really bad unless it goes really good.”

    This is the high level analysis that I subbed to Notser’s channel for.

  8. My favourite “It’s just a fleshwound achievement”: My Furious was being pursued and nigh on sunk on the Ring map. I desperately launched my rocket attack planes to try and get some extra damage after death. A low health Leander that had been a thorn in my side the whole game was spotted by an island. I fired up the attack run, shots out, target destroyed (+1 “It’s just a Flesh Wound”).
    OK, Kamikaze spotted in the same area, turn the squadron around, don’t think that I’m going to get decent damage, shots out. Boom (+1 “It’s just a Flesh Wound”).
    Wow. Alright, what about that low health Kirov in the centre ring? You never know your luck… Shots out. Boom. (+1 “It’s just a Flesh Wound”). Squadron exhausted. Very satisfied CV.

  9. Your dd team fail. They should do spotting and running but they choose to engage and die for nothing.

  10. One helluva back and forth game. Nice work.

  11. say that bow in thing louder for the people in the back

  12. Notser, you are the Keanu Reeves of CCs… Def the nicest one 🙂

  13. Notser whippered in the beginning, is he turning into a asmr channel?!?!?!


  15. That Z46, so useless. Like in SEA.

  16. I would rather waste 4 points than deal with a CV any day.

  17. I hat this BB so much, it is unkillable. But you have made a sample for how to use this ship in the right way. Great.

  18. Watching Notser in such games is like watching a football match with arguably the best commentator in the world

  19. Another very nice battle of yours. Thank you. Is it worth the legendary module for the Z52, Grozovoi and Gearing well to play?

  20. Destroyer Inazuma

    “proceeds to print himself a new ship”

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